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Santander Amplifies Facebook Insights & Performance with Skai


Santander, and their agency Suno United Creators (Suno), partnered with Skai to monitor and optimize their Facebook Advertising campaigns towards their True North – data tracked by Google Analytics (GA) and Google Campaign Manager (CM), formerly DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM).

Before onboarding to Skai, Santander had to manually apply GA and CM trackers to all of their Facebook campaigns, then use Excel to manually merge and pivot data. This process was tedious, error prone, and took time away from more strategic tasks, including analyses and optimizations.


Skai helped Santander fully automate the application of GA and CM trackers across all Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads. In addition, Skai’s GA and CM integrations eliminated the need for them to manually download and merge data within Excel.


With Skai, Facebook Advertising and GA data is seamlessly unified, allowing for real-time analysis and optimizations. This has saved Santander valuable time monitoring performance with unprecedented granularity.

About Santander

Santander is the third-largest private bank in Brazil with more than 9 million customers, it operates in all segments of financial markets. Headquartered in São Paulo, the Brazilian operation is an integral part of Santander Group from Spain, which is the main financial conglomerate in the eurozone and has a large presence in Latin America.

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About Suno United Creators

Suno United Creators was founded in 2017 with the objective of providing Santander bank with expert strategic recommendations to grow their Social presence. They are an agency that seeks to solve problems for their clients above all else.
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“Skai’s deep integrations with Google Analytics & Google Campaign Manager helped us automate time-consuming workflows & optimize towards True North KPIs!”

Leonardo Martins, Marketing Manager, Santander

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