Case Studies / Success with Skai

Skai Helps Buy Box Experts Navigate COVID-19


COVID-19 has significantly disrupted consumer buying behavior, impacting top line revenue and bottom line margin for Buy Box Experts clients selling on Amazon. The disruption is so enormous that adapting quickly has literally been the difference between survival versus going out of business. The changes have also affected thousands of advertising campaigns and hundreds of thousands of keywords for hundreds of clients. With so much data in flux and changes happening on a dime, it would be impossible to keep up – let alone be proactive – without the help of technology.


Skai, powered by the AWS Platform, helped Buy Box Experts dive into the data quickly and organize it all with dimensions and categories. With organized data, Buy Box Experts was able to get visibility into what was causing the various problems affecting sales and profits, as well as identify opportunities where clients could pivot to keep growing their business.


As a result, Buy Box Experts have helped clients reduce costs by as much as 60% and others grow sales by up to 8x – all while maintaining brand presence on Amazon. With the time saved and results delivered, the team at Buy Box Experts has been able to help clients survive, save jobs and even grow as consumers shift purchase behavior from brick & mortar to online.

“We always knew Skai was an important part of our business, but over these past couple months it has been the difference in our ability to help our clients stay in business through this challenging time.

Joseph Hansen, Founder & CEO, Buy Box Experts