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MeetSocial Group Boosts Efficiency of Google App Campaigns and Facebook Ads with Skai

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MeetSocial Group was faced with a growing demand in the apps vertical and sought to enhance its offering for these customers by expanding advertising reach across Facebook Ads and Google App Campaigns (Google AC). The team was challenged to quickly expand their clients’ app reach and lifetime value (LTV) within limited time frames, as well as to gain valuable insights for improved future performance. Prior to partnering with Skai, campaign creation and management was a very time-consuming task and involved hours of toggling across the various native channels. Additionally, garnering insights to help drive performance was very labor-intensive and required manually pulling reports from the native channels and combining them with the mobile measurement partner (MMP) reports. The MeetSocial team needed tools to help them complete tactical tasks at scale as quickly and efficiently as possible.


With Skai’s solutions, the MeetSocial team was able to seamlessly orchestrate advertising for multiple apps across Facebook Ads and Google AC in one place. They were also able to seamlessly integrate channel performance metrics with MMP data in a single platform, enabling visibility and swift performance analysis. With Skai, the team could leverage ad creation, data analysis, management, and optimization at scale efficiently to save time and enhance workflows.


How Skai helped MeetSocial improve day-to-day workflows: 

Google App Campaigns:

  • Our unique features allowed the team to view and analyze Creative Excellence metrics to identify missing asset formats within their ad groups. And, with the bulk edit creative tool, they could easily assign the necessary formats to optimize Google ACs.
  • Because Skai directly connects to the YouTube API, MeetSocial could take high-performing ad videos from Facebook and directly upload these video assets to YouTube. This saved time, as video assets were quickly turned into new Google AC ad elements, all in one seamless flow.

Facebook Ads:

  • With our bulk ad creator functionality, MeetSocial’s Facebook team managed and scaled new Carousel and Placement Asset Customization, which saved a lot of time, helped find efficiencies, and eased the workload of the team members so they could focus on more strategic objectives for their clients.


  • Using Skai’s unique ad level asset performance view, MeetSocial was able to see all active ad elements across Google AC and Facebook in one place. This enabled them to easily identify poor and well-performing ad elements such as text, images, and headlines, so they could quickly fine-tune for stronger performance in real-time.
  • MeetSocial regularly used Skai’s advanced Pivots and Reports to slice and dice different data layers for deeper analysis and management of various levels of their program. These cross-platform tools allowed for a much more granular view of performance by combining the real-time channel data with real-time MMP data. Skai’s advanced Pivots and Reports empowered MeetSocial to gather new and unique performance insights on specific creative strategies of the videos and images used in their clients’ ads.


Using Skai, the MeetSocial team increased efficiency by 33%, allowing them to spend less time on day-to-day tasks, and focus on expanding strategic efforts for their app customers.

“The sophistication of Skai Apps is amazing in that it can aggregate channels and data in one place. As a result, we can complete complex analysis and campaign management tasks in just a few seconds.”

Flora Chen (陈蕴璇) – Vice President of the Optimization Department, MeetSocial Group

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MeetSocial Group is a comprehensive service provider focusing on cross-border digital marketing solutions. The company provides comprehensive digital marketing solutionsincluding customizable solutions and SaaS servicesfor more than 8,000 companies. MeetSocial is also expanding its global offering and serving customers in the apps business across advertising channels to augment performance.

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