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Skai’s Reporting Dashboard Drives OmniShopper’s Success and 20% Time-Savings


The Omnishopper team identified an urgent need to design unique, client-centric dashboards that would provide an in-depth view of each client’s Retail Media campaign performance. The main aim was to present a clear, easy-to-navigate interface that would efficiently convey OmniShopper’s value proposition to its clients while simultaneously ensuring alignment within the team and promoting data-driven decision-making.

A substantial challenge was developing an intuitive dashboard for clients with less experience, offering them a guided understanding of their advertising investment and sharing actionable insights.


To cultivate a more analytical framework, the OmniShopper team turned to Skai’s™ dimension feature as a fundamental solution. This feature allowed the creation of specific labels such as strategy (brand, category, competitor), product line (Amazon Search), creative line (DSP), focus (awareness, consideration, retargeting), and campaign type (Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, or Display).

The team also enhanced the functionality of the dashboard by introducing custom metrics such as Average Order Value (Revenue/Order), Revenue per Click (Revenue/Click), or Video Complete Rate (Video Complete/Video Start). Utilizing these features, OmniShopper was able to add greater granularity, creating custom pages that aligned with each client’s business goals to offer deeper insights.


OmniShopper greatly strengthened its client relationships using Skai’s Reporting Dashboard, which gave their clients a clear view of their campaign performance across multiple channels and make adjustments to optimize their ROI. Additionally, the dashboard’s data visualization made it easy for the OmniShopper team to monitor and analyze campaigns, saving them 20% of their time. This freed them up to focus on making more effective adjustments to their advertising strategies and improve performance optimization.

“Skai’s Reporting Dashboard strengthened our client relationships, enabling seamless navigation and optimization of campaigns across channels. The visualizations saved over 20% of weekly hours, empowering more performance optimization.”

Filippo Marchionni
Digital Marketing & Advertising Specialist

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