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Boosting Amazon Ad Sales: CMS Distribution Unlocks 5X Growth with Skai’s Competitive Insights


CMS Distribution, a leading distributor, was looking to improve the efficiency of its Amazon Ads program, which supported paid efforts across its vast portfolio. As each month passed, campaigns were underperforming, and the budget was never met. CMS was unsure how to best allocate across its brands as it lacked the data to identify new keyword opportunities.

CMS Distribution, a prominent distributor, sought to enhance the efficiency of its Amazon Ads program across its extensive portfolio. With each passing month, campaigns consistently underperformed, and the allocated budget remained unmet. CMS lacked the data needed to optimize budget allocation for ad campaigns and identify new strategic opportunities.


With the launch of Skai’s™ latest SOV tool, Competitive Insights, CMS quickly realized it was underutilizing market share data, missing out on valuable organic strategies and keyword insights that could boost Amazon Ad sales.

CMS immediately started leveraging Competitive Insights to gain a comprehensive view across its brand’s market share on Amazon. CMS identified and tagged keywords most relevant to its brands and conducted a thorough keyword analysis, exploring organic and paid positioning, identifying top competitors, assessing performance, and uncovering valuable keyword opportunities. Using the ‘Share of Voice by Keyword’ feature, CMS identified and eliminated keywords that provided no value to its various campaigns. Competitive Insights empowered CMS to strategize efficiently, planning new keyword strategies across its portfolio while making optimal use of budget.


In May 2023, following its integration with Skai, CMS Distribution experienced rapid Amazon Ads growth. One brand in particular portfolio saw a remarkable 5X increase in Amazon Ads sales, driven by the market share data unearthed through Competitive Insights.

The detailed keyword-level data delivered by Skai’s Competitive Insights Dashboard allowed CMS Distribution to validate adjustments to Share of Voice (SOV) strategies and advocate for increased budgets. The tool quickly became an indispensable asset, facilitating navigation through the competitive Amazon Ads landscape, ultimately leading to greater success for clients across the entire portfolio.

“Skai’s Competitive Insights Dashboard is like having a superpower in our marketing arsenal. With its invaluable keyword-level data and competitor insights, we’ve not only increased ad sales for our vendors but also improved our client relationships. We now have the evidence and tools we need to make data-driven decisions that drive success.”

Sarah Walker
Amazon Content and Advertising Strategist

About CMS Distribution

CMS Distribution specializes in discovering innovative technologies that provide cost-effective solutions, ultimately empowering its trade-only customers to achieve success. CMS Distribution’s portfolio encompasses over 200 manufacturers, serving a diverse global customer base comprising corporate resellers, managed service providers, high street and online retailers. Their dedication to bridging the gap between technology and success has solidified their position as a leading player in the industry.

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