Skai Apps is the Complete Mobile Advertising Solution

Sophisticated Management of Google App Campaigns & Creative Creation

  • Build Robust Campaigns Faster

    • Create multiple campaigns and ad groups in minutes within the same flow
    • Build iOS and Android campaigns from a single, easy-to-use interface
    • Speed up campaign creation by pre-defining new campaign setting defaults
    • Push new assets across multiple ad groups in seconds
    • Align naming conventions with your internal BI structure
    • Save time when creating multiple ads using Skai’s custom workflow templates
    • Use the best Google App Campaign features to market your app
    • Manage the full Google Ads Media Upload process on our platform in one flow via the Videos gallery or Google Ad Creator

  • Google App Campaign Management at Scale

    • Quickly duplicate campaigns and ad groups across your accounts
    • View or filter ad sets and ads based on your specific KPIs or business goals
    • Add, remove, or replace creative assets across multiple campaigns in bulk
    • Segment and tag performance data to fit your business operations

  • Agile Creative Management of Google App Campaigns

    • Upload all your media assets from your computer or import videos from your YouTube channels into our media libraries
    • Auto upload videos to your YouTube channel directly from the Ad Creator without leaving the creation flow
    • Create multiple versions of your creatives to test and learn what works best
    • Assign custom naming conventions to your creatives and re-use them in your ads and for reporting
    • Mix and match creative assets to any audience segment and create hyper-targeted ads in bulk
    • Save all of your previous assets to plan campaigns in advance and easily view their performance, including conversion data, in one place

  • Flexible Google App Campaign Reporting

    • View creative performance across your campaigns via a creative theme or at the asset level
    • Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) tracking at the campaign level
    • Build automated daily, weekly, or monthly reports to identify trends over time
    • Save reports and share with your team
    • Supports highly granular and custom reporting capabilities
    • See CPIs/CPAs by optimization goal and by operating system
    • Identify publisher platform performance [GDN/Search/Youtube] to optimize placement strategies
    • Segment campaign performance data by country at all levels
    • View how your audience targeting performed across your ads
    • Examine how your ads are trending over time
    • Evaluate, track, and analyze app user lifecycles for any specified time range
    • Get granular cohort analysis at any level of your activity

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