With Skai's Audience Manager, create and manage audiences holistically across the leading native media platforms for more relevant consumer engagements throughout their purchasing journey.

  • Execute, Optimize, and Analyze with Audience Manager

    Combine the power of Skai’s audience solutions with rich user data from leading native media platforms to reach people with intelligent audience targeting. Put your audience strategy first by leveraging Audience Manager’s ability to streamline audience creation, automate CRM refreshes, and analyze audience insights so that you can easily optimize and scale your audiences across relevant platforms to achieve your advertising goals.

    Audience Manager goes beyond Publisher-specific solutions and empowers advertisers with the ability to create audiences based on intent signals, target people based on offline behaviors and much more.
Beyond driving strong performance, the team was able to help the IKEA client gain a better strategic understanding of consumer behavior on Pinterest with Skai’s targeting and audience analysis capabilities.

Kimberly Lum - Group Director, Search & Social

With Skai's Audience Manager, create and manage your advertising from an audience-centric perspective

  • Scale audience creation and management

    Create custom audiences and audience personas within your campaign creation flow to automatically be leveraged across different campaigns and publishers.

  • Automate CRM data refreshes for the most up-to-date audiences

    Skai’s integration with lBM, Dropbox, Box and other leading File Transfer and CRM providers allows advertisers to easily sync and select audiences to upload and target. Skai's unique detailed targeting enables "and" "or" operators to be applied to your custom audience targeting strategy.

  • Create lookalikes of custom audiences

    Scale customer audiences by creating lookalike audiences directly from Audience Manager. Narrow down lookalike audiences to scale users who converted from a specific campaign.

  • Understand audience performance and take appropriate actions

    With audience analysis tools, advertisers are able to ensure they are no longer underutilizing high value segments.

  • Access 3rd Party Audiences from Marketing Data Providers

    Skai's partnerships with Data Providers such as Experian and Epsilon, delivers an open behavioral audience marketplace so advertiser’s can accurately target people based on purchase intent and offline behaviors.

  • Cross-Channel Audiences

    Skai’s evolutionary Intent Driven Audience tool has been enhanced to include even more publishers. Advertisers who want an effective behavioral audience can now reach people across different publishers who have engaged with their ads on another publisher.

Jaguar Land Rover Rules the World, Doubling Conversion Rates

"We had great success using Skai’s Cross-Channel Audiences to reach more prospective customers on Facebook for Jaguar Land Rover. By retargeting searchers on Facebook and using lookalikes to find similar users, we saw an almost immediate increase in more qualified conversions on the Jaguar and Land Rover websites." - Jon Mottell, Mindshare – Associate Director, Paid Social

  • 2X

    lower CPA

  • 2X

    increased conversion rate

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