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Win across all retailers and marketplaces! Unify your cross-retailer program in one platform fueled by Skai’s unique commerce intelligence to automate, optimize, and scale your retail media performance.

Keep up with the retail media boom with Skai’s unique capabilities

Fuel your retail media program with omnichannel insights, holistic measurement, actionable data, and comprehensive reporting. With Skai, you can put your customer at the center of your strategy, dominate the digital shelf, and win in this competitive landscape.

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Search Term Analysis

Exclusive to Skai, STA simplifies, streamlines, and automates keyword management so teams can uncover inefficiencies faster and re-invest.
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Automated Actions

Set conditions like ROI, trends, or external signals, and our rule-based automation will update creative, budgets, bids, status, and more.
Popular Skai Capability

Budget Navigator

Budget Navigator automates budget pacing per custom constraints to find the sweet spot between ROI and spend.
Popular Skai Capability


Set up and run a pre/post test at scale and get conclusive results faster.

Plus all the essentials

Ad scheduling & departing
Advanced dashboards & reporting
AMC & DSP support
Brand insights & share of voice
Budget pacing & monitoring
Bulk actions
Cross-channel signals
Custom metrics & reporting
Dimensions & categories
Keyword harvesting
Negative keyword management
Rule-based automation
Single platform sign on

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