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As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart stores, websites, and mobile apps reach over 90% of U.S. households every week. Skai helps you realize your brand’s growth potential to stand out, capture demand and drive sales on Walmart’s high-traffic properties while giving you insight into the customer mindset. Drive advertising growth with Skai’s advanced optimization, analytics & automation solutions.

The enterprise platform for reaching Walmart customers

Best-in-Class Optimization
Enterprise-Grade Automation
Cross Publisher Excellence

Skai’s retail media platform offers advanced capabilities
to help you drive category growth on Walmart

Keyword Harvesting

Automatically harvest keywords to expand reach
Define custom rules, destinations, and alerts to control when and how keywords are auto-harvested.

Dayparting allows you to double-down when it matters most
Automatically invest when ROAS peaks by turning on and off campaigns and ad groups according to a predefined schedule, down to the hour.
Rules-based Optimizations

Intelligent investments with rules-based optimization
Eliminate all manual and time consuming tasks by defining rules that provide precise command over which automated actions are taken, when.
Share of Voice

Monitor & optimize paid and organic share of voice (SOV)
Analyze digital share growth relative to competition and identify fast-growing competitors to inform conquesting strategies.
Product-Level Performance

Analyze product-level performance across campaigns
Inform investments by surfacing opportunities to improve your product assortment and identifying ways to maximize campaign results.
Rapid Experimentation

Test-and-learn with agile and realtime experiments
Make testing easy by launching experiments in just a few clicks, leveraging interactive dashboards and visualizations to distill information quickly, and sharing results with colleagues.

Skai drives market share and sales growth


Best-in-Class Optimization

Drive performance and impact with Skai’s advanced optimization intelligence. Algorithmically optimize bids and budgets to make the most of your marketing investments.


Insights to Action

Skai’s comprehensive analytics put your data to work, allowing you to derive actionable insights with full context and make informed strategy and campaign decisions.


Enterprise-Grade Automation

Campaigns take off when you maximize productivity by automating repetitive tasks. With Skai’s renowned capabilities for AI-driven automation, machine learning, and efficiencies at scale, your team can streamline time-consuming workflows and accomplish far more.


Cross-Publisher Excellence

Drive success across retailers and channels from a single platform with streamlined workflows. Consolidate all commerce data, then standardize KPIs & dashboards with enterprise-grade analytics. Harness best-in-class automation and optimization capabilities to maximize advertising impact.

The retail media platform for the world’s largest brands and agencies

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Coty beauty go-to-market solutions

Flexible service models to fit the needs of your business

Self-Service (SaaS)

Self-Service (SaaS)

Our self-service SaaS platform won’t leave you without support. From comprehensive onboarding guidance to a dedicated client success team, 24/7 support and on-demand help resources, we’ll make sure you get the most out of Skai.
Transitional Services

Transitional Services

Skai can help to fill short or long-term headcount and skill gaps for your team with end-to-end, full-service campaign management for as long as you need it. Our seasoned performance marketing experts are at your service.
Certified Agency Partners

Certified Agency Partners

If you are not ready to take your program in-house, Skai partners with trusted, fully-vetted, Skai-certified agency partners who provide comprehensive, full-service support.

“Skai allowed us to leverage AI & ML to optimize our Retail Media campaigns’ bids & budgets more efficiently & effectively than ever before, increasing overall ROAS by 263%!”

Kenneth Kirke, Account Manager, Reprise

“Skai brings together all of the retailers that matter most to us, in one place – helping our teams organize, analyze, and optimize how we engage shoppers across Amazon, Walmart, Target, Instacart and so many others.”

Krishna Patel, Ecommerce Operation Analyst, Chomps

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