The State of Retail Media 2022

Retail media is now the third-largest digital advertising channel in the U.S. It is forecasted to reach over $30 billion domestically this year, or one in eight digital ad dollars, and $100 billion worldwide by 2024. To get a better understanding of the trends driving this channel, Skai and BWG Strategy surveyed mid-level and senior-level decision-makers who spend a key portion of their week involved in retail media. Read this complimentary report to learn how industry experts are approaching retail media.

The State of Retail Media 2022

Conducted in January 2022, this first annual State of Retail Media Survey captures feedback from 163 of the world’s leading agencies, brands, aggregators, technology providers, publishers, and retailers.

Some of the survey questions include:

  • How would you describe the results of your retail media programs in 2021?
  • What percentage of your total marketing budget is retail media? How will that change next year?
  • What are your two biggest retail media challenges?

Learn how retail media experts responded in this new report.

One of the unique challenges of retail media (versus paid search or paid social) is that there are dozens of publishers (retailers) to choose from. We wanted to get a better understanding of how much flexibility practitioners have to move budgets among them.

Retail media competition is rising, and we’ve been hearing from marketers that the old way of doing things isn’t enough. Marketing organizations know they need to rethink their approaches and strategies to maintain performance in this growing channel.


At Skai, we spend a lot of time speaking with clients, prospects, and industry experts on this topic. Only by knowing where retail media is going can we develop the next generation of innovative technology to support practitioners in their efforts. 


The State of Retail Media 2022 survey provides a useful snapshot of how practitioners are approaching the channel.

Read this complimentary report today to learn more about what’s happening right now in retail media in areas such as:

  • Budget allocation and performance
  • Challenges to growth
  • Integration with other digital advertising channels
  • Agency and third party platform usage
  • Types of data utilized
  • Program maturity
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