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Wooga Uses Skai’s Automatic Full-Funnel Bid Optimization To Scale Growth On Apple Search Ads

20 %
Increase in Installs
27 %
Increased Media Spend

About Wooga

Wooga, part of Playtika, is one of the world’s most popular mobile game developers, producing free-to-play games such as June’s Journey, Pearl’s Peril and Diamond Dash for over 50 million monthly users. The company has been working with Skai since 2016 to optimize the performance of its apps across Facebook, and more recently, Apple Search Ads.

Growth Doesn’t Come Without Its Challenges

Wooga hired a new team member in 2019 to launch Apple Search Ads campaigns for its hidden-object game, June’s Journey. With performance thriving, its investment in the channel grew globally making it challenging for one person to manage and optimize bidding across all keywords, campaigns and markets.

Having used Skai Apps to efficiently grow its Facebook campaigns for over four years, Wooga turned to Skai for support in scaling its fan base through Apple Search Ads while increasing ROI and maintaining a steady cost per install.

Scaling Growth on Apple Search Ads

Following the smooth transition of its Apple Search Ads campaigns onto Skai Apps, Wooga used Skai’s Automatic Full-Funnel Bid Optimization to automate bidding efforts. Despite being hesitant at first to let go of bidding controls, following a successful trial of the solution in EMEA they quickly moved to implement it globally. 

With automation in place, they were not only able to save time by managing campaigns in bulk across countries and campaign types but improve performance by ensuring that only the highest performing ads were running. Wooga benefited from having one single interface to create new templates and the team used the robust reporting and insights tools to support the development of future growth strategies.

Delivering Success In Just Two Weeks

The combination of Skai Apps technology, along with dedicated support from their client success team, enabled Wooga to grow June’s Journey quickly without putting extra strain on the team. Within the first two weeks of adopting Automatic Bid Optimization the team:

  • Saved 2 hours a week in campaign management efforts
  • Grew installs by 20%
  • Increased media spend 27%


  • Wooga turned to Skai for support in scaling its fan base through Apple Search Ads


  • Skai’s Automatic Full-Funnel Bid Optimization


  • Saved 2 hours a week in campaign management
  • 20% increase in installs
  • 27% increased in media spend

“When the time came to scale our Apple Search Ads campaigns globally, there was no other choice but Skai Apps. The technology has been fundamental to our growth - we wouldn’t have managed to increase volume and save time without it. And a big thanks to the team who always go the extra mile to support us"

- Ferdinand Noordermeer, Associate User Acquisition Manager - Wooga