Destination Optimization: Landing Page Traffic Funneling

What is Destination Optimization?

Destination Optimization helps users understand which landing pages get traffic for a specific intent and suggest redirecting this traffic to the higher performing one. 

Powered by machine learning, Destination Optimization can learn over time to improve its recommendations, making it a more effective tool than other traffic sculpting solutions that rely on only static rules.

What are the main use cases?

Redirect traffic to the highest performing landing page based on the intent of your target audience.
Identify low performing landing pages for campaigns which don’t meet the customer intent and create new ones to improve performance.
Uncover irrelevant/outdated landing pages and prevent them from getting traffic by running a program audit.

What are the main benefits?

With this data, users can correct misalignments between the search intent and the landing page their end users see after a click, providing a frictionless customer experience leading to improvement in Quality Score, Conversions and lower CPCs.