• The Challenge

    How does a marketer know which media channels and investments are working—and not working—in order to make the best data-driven decisions and steward their brands through this confusing time?

    Traditional marketing measurement is too slow to make a difference. Turn months into days.

Why the right approach to measurement is key

  • Speed: Time-to-insight matters! Get the answers you need so that you can take action while it counts

  • Budget Maximization: Increase budgets in areas you know that are working to maximize ROI. Decrease budgets on tactics you know aren’t working without negatively impacting what is working

  • Media Mix: Understand the cross-impact relationship of your various channels—including the online to offline connection

  • Growth: Identify new pockets of opportunity within your existing programs

  • The Solution

    Controlled experiments with Skai.

    Successful marketing organizations rely on a test-and-learn approach to lead data-driven decision making.

Skai’s new measurement testing package gets you the answers you need:

  • Expertise + Software. Skai’s team will work with your team to plan and execute the right measurement tests to run and return insights fast—in weeks, not months

  • Measure Anything. From an entire channel (i.e. Facebook, Google, Amazon) to a specific tactic (like remarketing) or even one specific campaign

  • Cross-channel Insights. Impact measurement such as the contribution of Social to Search or the contribution of Shopper Marketing to in-store sales in real-time lift tests

  • Meaningful Metrics. Measure against any KPI, such as brand awareness, share of voice, search traffic volume, conversion rate, number of transactions or revenue and more

  • Actionable Recommendations. Not only will you get answers to your most important questions, but advice on how to put those insights into action and optimize your portfolio

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