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In the past, automotive brands could rely on television advertising for mass reach. However, as tv loses ground to digital streaming—much of it commercial-free—advertisers must find new ways to move the needle with consumers. This means more marketing channels across a fragmented online world. However, the tradeoff of complexity comes with an opportunity to leverage the power of digital advertising to deliver 1:1 more personalized messaging at scale. The brands that can master these channels will be able to compete in the next generation of auto advertising.

Skai Drives $7B in Advertising Spend Across the Most Critical Media

Solving Challenges for Automotive Marketers

Manage the Unique Complexity of Auto Advertising
  • Manage varying goals across tiers 1, 2, & 3
  • Understand and control budget pacing
  • Customize reporting for varying audiences
Sophisticated Advertising Orchestration
  • Create and optimize complex campaigns
  • Target granular dealer regions
  • Manage and sync available inventory
Know What’s Working
  • Gain visibility into path-to-conversion
  • Drive varying goals in owned and paid media
  • View and analyze online & offline data

“We went from working weekends to letting Skai Social do the hard work for us. We have saved hours of time by adopting automated actions and the results speak for themselves.”

Elif Hacibektasoglu, Associate Digital Director

“Skai’s 3rd Party Audience integrations help us reach the most qualified audiences”

Amy Hammond, Digital Marketing Director

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