January 30, 2023 – San Francisco, CA – Today, Skai unveils Skai Decision Pro — the first solution purpose-built for media executives to oversee and orchestrate advertising programs across any channel and publisher. Whether utilized alongside Skai’s activation solutions or independently, marketers can tap into the power of AI for data-backed decision-making and predictive media planning, enhancing visibility, trust and control over investment decisions.

A surge in ad formats, channels, and data sources now provides more opportunities for brands to engage with consumers. However, the resulting fragmentation poses challenges for marketing leaders who require a holistic understanding of media performance and its impact on success goals. According to a recent Skai survey, only 11% of marketing executives expressed satisfaction with how data is organized within their business, and 90% reported the need to review data from multiple systems to make decisions.

Skai Decision Pro addresses the data fragmentation challenge with AI capabilities that consolidate and organize all media data on one platform to surface insights crucial for understanding the how and why of a media program’s overall performance. Media executives can now effortlessly access data to strategize actions such as allocating extra funds or accommodating a budget reduction with minimal impact, implementing budget pacing checks across channels, and pinpointing the causes of performance trends within large brand portfolios.

Skai Decision Pro

Skai Decision Pro capabilities include:

  • Executive HQ: Overarching view that visualizes media performance and spend across all channels– not just those activated in the Skai platform.
  • Spotlights: AI-powered alerts that uncover anomalies and other significant spend and performance changes to highlight potential opportunities or threats, accelerating smart decision making.
  • Media Forecasting: A predictive, AI-driven analysis tool for data-backed decisions. Users can quickly visualize and understand the impact of budget changes on media performance, identify growth opportunities and risks to current plans, and view budget allocation recommendations to better allocate spend across channels for maximum impact.
  • Media Plans: Powering other Skai Decision Pro capabilities, Media Plans is a tool to organize, centralize, and visualize monthly and multi-month budgets in one place. Once budgets are input, it serves as a foundation to monitor plans’ budget pacing, set up and access activity alerts, simulate different budget scenarios, and forecast revenue.

Skai Decision Pro

“Skai Decision Pro gives me a birds-eye view of what’s happening in our media program,” explained Ainara Sancho, Head of Retail Media EMEA at HP. “Now, when a stakeholder throws a question my way, I can answer with confidence and speed, no more hunting through endless reports or having to speak to retailers. It’s like having a decision-making assistant right there! With the addition of Media Forecasting we’re expecting to uncover new opportunities and really understand the impact of our efforts in a whole new way.”

“As the media landscape expands and becomes more complex, our teams are investing more time exploring and analyzing data to find valuable insights,” shared Jason Omenn, VP Ecommerce and Digital Strategy at Marketing Performance Group. “Skai Decision Pro brings together spend and performance data, helping us identify priorities and discover insights that deliver great outcomes and ongoing opportunities.”

“At Skai, we believe in empowering brands to realize their true potential through data they can really trust,” said Yoav Izhar-Prato, Co-Founder and CEO at Skai. “Skai Decision Pro has been a vision for several years. Now, after close collaboration with select clients and partners, we are revolutionizing how marketers make decisions to achieve business goals. This involves democratizing data access, surfacing insights, and enabling the exploration of scenarios that can be activated and optimized. Having worked closely with top global brands, I can attest that this represents a significant leap forward for the industry as we continue to unlock the promise of omnichannel.”

About Skai

Skai is an omnichannel advertising platform, uniquely enabling brands and agencies to run data-driven programs across walled garden media. It empowers both media leaders and activation teams to drive impactful results from their advertising program with AI-powered decisioning, activation and optimization solutions. Its partners include Google, Amazon Ads, Microsoft, Walmart Connect, Apple Search Ads, Instacart, Criteo, TikTok, Snap, Pinterest, Meta and more.

For over a decade, Skai has earned trust from notable brands such as Reckitt, Doordash, Sony, Philips, and L’Oreal. Renowned for innovation and a values-driven culture, Skai is headquartered in San Francisco and Tel Aviv with eight international locations.

Visit skai.io for more information.