New partnership applies competitive assortment, price intelligence and digital shelf discoverability insights for more impactful ecommerce advertising

San Francisco (July 20, 2020) Kenshoo (, a global leader in marketing technology, and DataWeave, a provider of AI-powered Competitive Intelligence as a Service to retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, today announced a strategic partnership to offer real-time aggregate data and market intelligence to enable retailer and brand marketer digital shopper marketing advertising strategies.

Value to Brands of Retail-Intelligent Advertising
As ecommerce surges, challenges such as the product discoverability, fluctuation of product availability and content directly impact advertising on key retailers like Amazon and Walmart, making success both increasingly critical and complex. Harnessing DataWeave’s Commerce Intelligence and Digital Shelf analytics solutions, as well as the company’s newly launched Stock Availability Tracker, Kenshoo offers marketers greater visibility into brand performance relative to competition by monitoring brand share of voice, pricing and assortment discoverability across their online distribution channels. Customers can now participate in the new beta program which transforms that analysis into actionable recommendations for more effective advertising on its enterprise-grade advertising automation platform. DataWeave boasts more than 500 billion data points aggregated, a scale that delivers the power to support advertisers with insights across channels and retailers, making decisions about distribution, pricing strategy and promotion management easier.

Improved Strategy and Planning for Retailers and Agencies
That partnership offers benefits not only to ecommerce brands themselves, but to the retailers and agencies that serve them. Retailers can better evaluate online category performance, competitive promotions and pricing strategies in order to highlight gaps in assortment, improve price positioning or add brands’ products to their offering. The same practice can also apply to in-store optimization, empowering users to drive advertising towards regions with heavy stock and avoid advertising where stocks are limited. Agencies can leverage Dataweave and Kenshoo’s solution to help inform activation across media like Google, Facebook and Pinterest, as well as add strategic value in their efforts to win new business and maintain accounts.

By connecting insight to action in a unified offering, Kenshoo helps its significant base of ecommerce and retail customers move faster and invest marketing dollars smarter than the competition.

“Retailers and ecommerce brands are undergoing major change, and the more successful ones are quickly realizing the growing role of digital marketing,” said Nich Weinheimer, general manager of ecommerce for Kenshoo. “Many CPGs and retailers already know how to leverage retail intelligence towards offline decisions but haven’t yet scratched the surface online, where the reward is more immediate. Retail-intelligent advertising can become the key to understanding and engaging the ecommerce customer.”

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About Kenshoo
Kenshoo is the leading marketing technology platform for brands looking to plan, activate and measure growth strategies across the most-engaging digital channels. Kenshoo offers the only marketing solution that combines data-driven insights and best-of-breed optimization to help make informed decisions, scale and measure performance across Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, Apple Search Ads, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Verizon Media, Yandex, Yahoo Japan, and Baidu. Kenshoo’s machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence leverage market signals and enable companies to predict and keep pace with the omnichannel customer journey. Kenshoo has 27 international locations and backing by Sequoia Capital, Arts Alliance, Tenaya Capital, and Bain Capital Ventures. Please visit for more information.

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About DataWeave
DataWeave is an AI-powered SaaS platform that provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service to e-commerce businesses and consumer brands, enabling them to compete profitably and accelerate revenue growth. The company’s proprietary technology platform helps e-commerce businesses to make smarter pricing and merchandising decisions, as well as consumer brands to protect their online brand equity and optimize their e-commerce performance. Visit the DataWeave website for more information.