Think you can’t go omnichannel across the walled gardens?
Think again.

Introducing the only omnichannel platform for performance advertising.
One login. One view for every channel. One easy, predictable price.
The only omnichannel platform designed for performance advertising.

Media that matters.
Marketing that works.

Consumers have spoken: they prefer being marketed to on walled garden channels like retailer websites, search engines, social media, and app stores. And marketers have spoken: they need accountability to every dollar spent. That’s why we focus on the most effective ad channels for both sides of the equation—and brings them together for you.
Connect the Dots

Say goodbye to unpredictable tech fees that limit your growth

We get it: those endless percent-of-ad-spend fees feel like an added tax you just don’t need. That’s why Skai is bringing flat, tiered platform pricing to the ad tech industry. All of our publisher reach, intelligence suites and services at a predictable rate that’s just right for the size and scope of your program—with plenty of room to experiment and scale.
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Connect all of your systems and integrations. Then go even further with ours.

Got a complex tech stack to take into account? Great! That’s our specialty. Skai’s partner ecosystem gives the platform extra power with hundreds of API hooks, data feeds, and strategic relationships you can use as fuel without doing any of the heavy lifting yourself.
Our Partner Ecosystem