Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) at Skai™
At Skai we believe ensuring a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is not just an ideal to strive for; it is right, necessary, and our responsibility as humans. We are committed to broadening diversity in our organization, supporting individuals at risk and fostering equality in our society as a whole, through practices and programs that increase our understanding and enable us to be part of the solution. This requires strong organizational commitment and the participation of each of our employees, at all levels of the organization.

Leadership Commitment
As a global leadership team, we recognize the pivotal role we play as advocates for DE&I. We commit to taking the time needed to better understand our environment, ourselves, and collaborate with our employees to implement solutions. We believe we can strengthen DE&I within Skai through modeling our Values, sponsorship, providing dedicated resources, and through accountability.

Empathy at Our Core
Empathy is a core tenet in everything we do at Skai, both internally and externally. It is the foundation to our DE&I approach and aligns with our values of Innovation, Passion, Integrity, and Humility. We believe that by building individual self-awareness and empathy for others, we can inspire change in our company, our industry, and the world.

Our Global DE&I Framework
Our Global DE&I Framework, as defined by our internal DE&I Council of passionate volunteers, focuses our ongoing company-wide efforts around four pillars with both global and region-specific objectives.




  • Uplift Underrepresented Groups: Deliberate focus will be placed on creating and enhancing internal programs and practices to support every individual.
  • Diversify Our Workforce: Skai operates in 16 locations worldwide and serves advertising in 185+ countries. Our workforce at all levels should reflect the range of populations, backgrounds and differences—both visible and non-visible—in Skai’s global footprint. Our DE&I plan will include long-term strategies to make this a reality, with focus on specific group(s) as appropriate within each region.
  • Foster a Safe and Inclusive Space: It is essential that our programs, policies, leadership practices and teams foster a culture and work environment that enables each individual to feel seen, valued, and comfortable to be exactly who they are. We will continue to review our current offerings and provide additional forums and programs to achieve this.
  • Engage the Community: Skai consistently engages with external groups, universities, non-profits, and more to help educate our staff, provide opportunities for employees to give back, and support marginalized and/or underrepresented groups. We will expand our current relationships to foster diversity within Skai and our industry.

A Better Future
Through the years, Skai has made intentional and significant strides to improve DE&I, but we aim to do so much more. We will take concrete and transparent actions, hold ourselves accountable to evolve over time, and continuously raise the bar in order to make tangible and sustainable improvements. Through ongoing collaboration among employees across the company, conversations with our external partners, and a strong commitment to our values, we will create a better future.