Unlock the power of the walled gardens

Not all media is created equal. Skai enables you to harness the unparalleled security, transparency, and control of walled garden advertising.

Go where your customers are — and are in a receptive mindset.

New research shows that consumers are most open to advertising when in the walled gardens, especially compared to the open web.

Turn to walled gardens first to research products
Find walled gardens more helpful than sites on the open web
Are comfortable sharing data with walled gardens for targeting

VIDEO: Our CMO on why walled gardens are so effective

Hear how you can achieve higher ROI using your zero- and first-party data, better targeting, and rich creative strategies in the closed web.

Winning in the walled gardens: How to overcome challenges

From measurement to managing campaigns on multiple publishers, tackle the challenges of the walled gardens head-on.

Why does walled garden media perform so well for marketers?

#1 Cookieless targeting and measurement

A logged-in user base makes it easy to understand your consumer’s preferences.

#2 Unified, unbiased reporting

In the age of accountability, get clear, transparent results you can trust.

#3 Massive reach with high engagement

Reach a larger audience on fewer publishers to reduce complexity, time, and cost.

#4 Use zero- and first-party data

Rely on your own data for better targeting and personalized ads.

Shake up your marketing mix

Connect all the walled gardens and find your optimal mix. Skai’s omnichannel platform has all the ingredients for success in the media that matters most today.

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