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International cybersecurity provider grows revenue and ROAS with insights from Skai’s omnichannel platform

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In the highly-competitive cybersecurity market, our client relies on biddable media as its leading acquisition channel for consumer sales across most countries. The team uses Skai to manage and connect advertising across more than 30 languages and nine different publishers, including Google, Microsoft, Yandex, Amazon Ads, and Facebook. Like most performance-driven teams, the company measures success based on two primary metrics: revenue and ROAS. 

When the German market began to fall behind its expected goals, the team needed a new strategy that could make up ground and drive efficient performance ahead of the lucrative holiday season.


With search engine marketing and Amazon advertising sitting in two separate teams, there was a hypothesis that Amazon activity was cannibalizing the performance of Google Ads. However, proving this by using the Google and Amazon Ads native platforms would have been very difficult, given the barriers to performance data sharing and insights across these walled gardens. An omnichannel approach to insights and automation was needed.


The search and Amazon Ads teams joined forces and used Skai’s omnichannel insights to isolate the issues.

Search Term Analysis, a unique-to-Skai feature used to enhance positive and negative keywords lists, quickly highlighted where poorly performing spend was accruing across both channels. This is an exercise that would have taken days (if not weeks!) without an omnichannel platform like Skai. 

Armed with the insights, a full account restructure covering all products and audiences was made on Google and Amazon. Once the changes had been made in Google, the team used Skai’s Campaign Mirroring feature to quickly sync them across other search publishers, including Microsoft Advertising.

With new account structures in place and campaigns up and running, Skai’s Fusion Reports were used to analyze ad copy performance across channels. Automated Actions were created to automatically update landing pages and copy with the top-performing ad copies on each channel. Automating this task saved the team hours, which they used to refocus on what really matters: continuously improving ad copy to stabilize quality score, ad relevancy, and CPCs/CTRs.


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By working together and using Skai to achieve a shared goal based on shared business objectives, the team increased overall revenue by 37% and sales by 45% in six months, without cannibalizing sales or compromising efficiency. In the same timeframe, ROAS increased by 1.5%. 

A year in, performance continues to improve as the team continues to work as one:

  • Revenue has increased 77% YoY
  • Sales are up by 116.% YoY
  • ROAS continues to soar, with a 91% increase YoY

“Skai’s omnichannel platform made it possible for our search and Amazon teams to build an innovative, holistic approach that is driving performance and efficiency. This would not have been possible in the publisher-native platforms or had we used channel-specific point solutions. This is just the start of our omnichannel journey with Skai, and we are excited to see where it can go.”

Senior Global Biddable Media Manager, International Cybersecurity Company

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