Future-proof your marketing strategy with data intelligence

Skai™ fills the growing data gaps marketers face with a comprehensive approach that includes audience insights, market intelligence, and performance data from all media channels and publishers.

Our platform is open and flexible with built-in API integrations, robust data partnerships, and easy import/export for all of your visibility and collaboration needs. 


Hundreds of ready integrations with the broader marketing ecosystem through pre-established partnerships


Ability to ingest any data feed important to your specific business or category to your marketing programs


We know how data gets used (and should be used), and we’ve built it into our core offering

External and internal sources

13,000 preconnected data feeds to inform your marketing, from market views well beyond marketing analytics

Secure Data Architecture

Get peace of mind. Skai can be trusted with your customer data, keeping it nimble, innovative, and protected

Holistic measurement

Connect your KPIs to real results and understand how to best optimize your ad spend across your marketing mix

See how Skai can help you connect the walled gardens

Connect your feeds to Skai’s data lake and analytics core

A screenshot of the Skai data intelligence platform with the logos of several of the key data sources that make up the data lake.

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