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Traditional market intelligence is limiting. It tells you what is happening, but not always why. It’s also slow, losing relevance in the time it takes to go from data to insight. Skai connects more data sources and extracts more context than any other platform — leading brands to the “aha” moments in decision-making processes that inform new concepts, products and marketing strategies.

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Put customer needs at the heart of your decisions.
Skai analyzes data from thousands of voice-of-consumer sources to give brands the unbiased intelligence they need to meet current and future expectations.
  • Understand consumer discussions and motivations over time
  • Identify consumer needs across different ecommerce channels
  • Explore areas where consumer needs are currently being unmet
  • Monitor consumer sentiment towards brands & products
  • Predict future needs and forecast the size of the opportunity
Trend Intelligence

Gain critical first- or fast-mover advatage.
Skai analyzes petabytes of external data, separating fads from trends and empowering you to understand, evaluate, rank and predict the waves most likely to disrupt your market.
  • Identify new trends gaining momentum in the ecosystem
  • Quantify trends to identify what stage of development they are at
  • Understand which trends present the biggest opportunities
  • Uncover the trends and attributes driving growth
  • Pinpoint the brands already aligned to emerging trends
Product Intelligence

Optimize your portfolio, matching product to person.
Skai analyzes data from social posts, ecommerce sites, patent filings and more to help brands better understand and disrupt the product landscape with innovation that consumers want.
  • Detect early signals of innovation and assess nascent product concepts
  • Identify the leading brands associated with specific product claims
  • Uncover new opportunities for product innovation and renovation
  • Understand how product perceptions change over time
  • Evaluate emerging trends and attributes for product development
Competitive Intelligence

Leave your competition in the dust.
Skai assimilates intelligence on known and emerging competitors in order for brands to stay abreast of their rivals’ latest movements, strategies and threats—before they become a problem.
  • Keep a pulse on novel competitor claims
  • Anticipate your rivals’ next move ahead of time
  • Understand competitors positioning & conquer share of voice
  • Monitor how competitors are affecting your own performance
  • Identify competitive brands as possible M&A targets
Brand Intelligence

Build a brand that consumers will love.
Skai uses the broadest datasets to provide companies with a thorough understanding of how brands are perceived in the market—and what should be done to protect and grow brand equity.
  • Monitor consumer sentiment and attitudes towards brands
  • Align your brand with consumer sentiment & social culture
  • Assess brand positioning relative to the market
  • Inform brand purpose, messaging and marketing strategies
  • Detect emerging market situations that pose a threat to your brand

Improve actionability and increase marketing effectiveness.
Fifteen years of experience informs Skai’s marketing intelligence offering—giving marketers everything they need to maximize ROAS, grow category share and positively drive brand growth.
  • Align your media mix to optimal channel investments
  • Plan campaigns around upcoming trends & consumer needs
  • Surface the most effective messages in your creative
  • Analyze how competition affects marketing performance
  • Optimize campaigns to resonate with specific audiences

Whatever your question, Skai has the answer.

Where are consumer needs not being met?

By plotting consumer discussions and sentiment against product claims, Skai empowers brands to identify the unmet needs of consumers and surface new opportunities for product development, brand messaging and more.

Case Study: Reckitt understands unmet needs through the eye of the consumer

What trend will be the “next big thing”?

By identifying emerging trends at an attribute level and forecasting their future sales value, Skai ensures that brands are able to identify the next big trend before anyone else.

Case Study: Pepsi Utilizes Skai to build its next billion-dollar brand

Which brands should be considered for acquisition?

Skai helps companies track the brands most associated with emerging trends and predict their growth over time to help you identify potential partners or M&A targets.

Blog: Improve M&A Decision-Making with Advanced Data & Analytics

Is marketing surfacing the most effective messaging in its creative?

By better understanding consumer needs and buying behaviors, Skai enables brands to optimize messaging, channels and creative to boost discoverability, find upsell opportunities and maximize seasonal opportunities.

Which brand claims are resonating with consumers?

Skai helps companies assess brand health by providing an unbiased view of consumer sentiment and perception, gauging positioning relative to competitors and refining brand initiatives through a greater understanding about how their purpose aligns to consumer needs.

Blog: For Today’s Brand Strategy, Data Beats Intuition

Should I be aware of any competitive threats?

Skai provides granular insights into competitor activity—including new product launches, brands gaining sharing voice and early innovators in the category—in order to monitor their every move and predict what they will do next.

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