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Impact Navigator measures incremental impact of marketing tactics in the real world on real KPIs like sales, sign ups, awareness, and more. Now is the best time to test your current tactics and explore new ideas to make sure you hit your 2022 targets.

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Solving challenges for marketers

Make data work for you

Impact Navigator can keep your media marketing mix planning accurate and relevant by providing a readout on your current consumer response to different marketing tactics.

  • Drive with forward-looking insights
  • Drive accuracy and success

ROI demystified

Unlock smarter market planning, better budgeting, and stronger alignment to business objectives by measuring and monitoring the true impact of your marketing programs. With Impact Navigator you can:

  • Run real marketing experiments
  • Accurately measure true incremental impact across all audience segments
  • Design and monitor testing for any media channel, on or off Skai™

Depth and breadth in one platform

Impact Navigator measures your channels’ incremental impact, its effective lift alongside all of your other marketing tactics, and lets you correct and adjust the measurements from your existing MTA signals, all via a first-of-kind, always-on SaaS solution. Say goodbye to rigorous, slow, and expensive testing and analysis, and improve workflow with a marketing experimentation culture. Increase the velocity of getting from test design to directional takeaways.

  • Daily readouts
  • Adjust based on real data and experiments

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Client success with Impact Navigator

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Three ideas you should consider

Calibrate your current tactics

  • How would increasing our investment in video impact our revenue?
  • What would happen to repeat purchase volumes if we cut back on our display retargeting investments?
  • How much revenue is Facebook driving for us?

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Evaluate how well you're driving specific KPIs

  • Do we need to be investing in both prospecting and retargeting? Which is adding greater value for us?
  • How much should we be investing in non-brand keywords to maximize search ROI?
  • How can we better measure the impact of search and social on lead volumes?

Figure out how to drive cross-channel impact

  • How do Google and Facebook impact both online and in-store sales?
  • What is the impact of our retargeting campaigns on new customer registrations?
  • How does brand search drive demo requests?