For the first time, marketers can manage, format, sequence and optimize creative assets across publishers to drive more rich media execution.

Cologne, Germany (September 14, 2016) Kenshoo, the global leader in agile marketing, today unveiled Creative Manager at dmexco 2016. Creative Manager enables Skai clients to manage, format, sequence and optimize creative assets for leading rich media ads on Skai’s cross-publisher platform, eliminating creative bottlenecks and other hurdles marketers must overcome to effectively scale their promotions.

Skai clients can use Creative Manager to streamline and improve their visually-rich advertising, including a wide range of top ad types that leverage video and static images. Facebook and Instagram campaigns can use Creative Manager at launch, and in the months ahead Skai will extend creative manager to support other top publishers and ad types.

“Skyrocketing mobile usage continues to increase the need for rich media; to refresh that rich media regularly; to adjust for different publishers, ad types and promotions; and to understand which of these assets drive the best results,” said Shahar Erez, SVP, product for Skai. “Skai’s algorithms now automate multimedia optimization to reduce time-consuming collaboration with intelligence teams; we’ve also eliminated the need for error-prone communications between marketers and brand teams, costly manual reformatting work, and manual efforts to refresh creative for fatigued audiences.”

Creative Manager speeds up asset creation and transfer between the brand and marketing teams, enables campaign-specific tagging and organization to ensure the best rich media gets used most often, delivers cross-publisher automated sequencing controls to allow richer storytelling at scale, and performs optimization and templating functions to deliver the best creative to the best audience. Marketers leverage four core Creative Manager components:

  1. Creative Library: persistent, cloud-based and searchable asset storage management syncs creative resources from the brand team for easy access by marketing
  2. Creative Templates: content-driven smart-cropping and template overlay support enables quick layering of brand and offer content on creative, easing the burden on brand teams
  3. Creative Collections: marketing-defined asset organization to automatically control rich media sequencing across publishers
  4. Creative Optimization: Skai optimization algorithms ensure the best rich media content populates the right social ad formats and reaches the best audiences

Skai has partnered with leading technology and media companies that offer capabilities to create or enhance clients’ creative assets. These partnerships round out a complete approach to scaling brands’ use of rich media formats and radically improving their engagement with customers. Cloudinary brings its market-leading, cloud-based enterprise media management to Skai. Idomoo, Innovid and Magisto offer rapid video creation, personalization and interactivity to Skai clients. Precise cognitive algorithms from Persado and Boost Media’s international teams of expert copywriters both have their roles to play in optimizing the client’s offer language, which is often crucial to the success of any creative campaign.

“Current approaches to ad creative development struggle to keep up with the diversity of ad formats available to marketers, particularly around video,” said Rob Lenderman, co-founder and chief product officer, Boost Media. “Marketers have high expectations about the quality and turnaround of their video ad creative that they serve to consumers. The Skai and Boost Media partnership will enable marketers to improve the speed, diversity and quality of their video ad creative.”

While some of Skai’s Creative Manager partnerships focus on quality of rich media assets, others focus on technology to make the creative workflow process more efficient and effective. Still others focus on enabling Skai clients to invest in rich media ads with the same focus on performance they’ve come to expect from Skai.

“Through the partnership with Skai and Magisto, marketers can now, for the first time in history, deploy video ad campaigns with the sophistication, ease and ROI of traditional performance media,” said Dr. Oren Boiman, CEO and co-founder of Magisto.

For more insights into Skai Creative Manager, please visit our latest blog article covering Creative Manager.

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