Full-Circle Marketing Intelligence Software for CPG

Build customer connections and drive category growth through media activation and real-time actionable analytics

In a new ecosystem of disrupted retail and direct-to-consumer competition, winning the hearts, minds, and wallets of consumers is more complex than ever. Skai helps CPG and FMCG come out ahead of changing industry dynamics will powerful, predictive market intelligence. Maximize digital opportunity in order to gain insight into your customers and inform go-to-market strategies.

With leading solutions to drive insight, strategy, activation and measurement, Skai addresses critical challenges CPG marketers face.
  • Media Activation
  • Market Intelligence

Skai Drives $7B in Advertising Spend Across the Most Critical Media

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Marketing Activation:
Skai Solves Marketing Challenges for Today’s Consumer Brands

Competitive Intelligence

Grow Your Addressable Market & Share of Voice

  • Monitor your Share of Voice (paid and organic) within a unified dashboard
  • Grow Share of Voice with rules-based automatic bid optimization technology
  • Conquest with ads synced to your competitors’ TV ads
  • Harness internal and external data to gain a competitive advantage
  • Get in front of your competitors’ customers by targeting up to 1,000+ 3rd Party Audience segments, powered by Oracle, Experian, and Epsilon
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Driving Trials & Sales

Drive New Trials and Bottom-Line Sales

  • Manage cross-retail ad campaigns seamlessly within a unified platform
  • Bridge the gap between cross-retailer, cross-channel attribution models with custom metrics
  • Leverage deep reporting integrations with Google Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, PowerBI, and others to consolidate data across retailers and power internal dashboards
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Full-Funnel Marketing Activation

Omnichannel Digital Shopper Marketing

  • Engage shoppers throughout the consumer journey across 10+ retailers all in one platform
  • Scale winning strategies by setting up and running A/B tests with ease
  • Leverage algorithmic bid and budget optimizations to automatically drive towards True North objectives, including Profit and New to Brand Customers
  • Holistically manage Similar, Lookalike, WCA, and Customer List Audiences across search and social channels
  • Monitor creative sentiment and combat ad fatigue with automated alerts and insights
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Cross-Channel Marketing

Leverage Cross-Channel Retail Intelligence

  • Demystify the impact of Search, Social, and Retail channels on your customers
  • Drive traffic from Google and Facebook Ads to Amazon PDPs and Stores, then measure performance with seamless attribution
  • Leverage retail data from Amazon Brand Analytics, including COGS, inventory health, ratings, and number of other sellers, to inform what products to promote across channels
  • Activate ads leveraging weather and health signals to drive sales of contextually relevant products
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Market Intelligence
at the Scale &
Speed of AI

Turn Data into Winning Product and Business Strategies

With more than 100 analytic models, you can examine new opportunities, key influencer discussions, signals of innovation like patent filings and more, tying the data to your business objectives.

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Enhance Marketing Outcomes

Granular analysis of consumer discussions and key opinion leader posts yields an understanding of purchase drivers by channel, generating powerful insights that translate into winning marketing strategies and campaigns.

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Identify New Areas of Pursuit

Evolving consumer tastes, rapid adoption of new trends, and increased competitive pressures are driving the need for increased creativity and innovation from today’s food and beverage brands.

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Product Development and Go-To-Market

Using patented NLP and AI technologies, Signals Analytics surfaces consumer preferences down to the ingredient level, give you insight on how to formulate new products or reformulate existing products that will lead the market.

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Determine M&A and Partnership Opportunities

A holistic view of the market including emerging brands and competitors, sources of innovation, consumer perception and predictive analytic capabilities informs better M&A and partnering strategies.

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Client Testimonials

“Skai truly serves as our ‘one-stop-shop’ for all learnings & optimizations. We knew it would be a time-saver, but were thrilled with the immediate impact on performance, too!”

Mark McCullen, Paid Search Manager

“Enabling Skai’s Intraday Bidding has led to great results for both our Search & Shopping campaigns. Using the tool we were able to decrease cost & drive incremental revenue, resulting in improvements to our overall ROAS.”

Landon Perry, Paid Search Director

“Skai allowed us to understand the impact of our Facebook to Amazon ads, allowing for quick & agile optimizations.”

Carly Carlson, Social Media Director

“Skai’s optimization suite helped us reach new heights on Amazon without compromising ROAS.”

Dina Carai, Ecommerce Content & Performance Manager

“Beyond media optimization, Amazon Attribution insights help us understand how information on the product details pages, like shipping availability, winning the featured offer, and price point, impact sales of our client’s products on Amazon.”

Sr. Specialist, Search

“We have found this trial with Skai and Profitero really engaging and thought-provoking. Having two of our key partners working together, sharing our data, and focusing on a key business challenge has been fantastic. We have been really challenged by our partners to look at our key categories differently and to try new approaches to grow market share. The results have surprised us and have made us review our approach to categories across the business.”

Louise Harris, Senior Global Customer Experience Manager