Protecting our planet,
caring for our communities

Corporate Social Responsibility at Skai

It’s our responsibility as humans and as a company to not only build technology that benefits organizations and consumers alike, but also to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Going green and staying sustainable

To support our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we launched an employee-led Corporate Sustainability Forum in 2022. This group of volunteers is tasked with assessing our impact, setting goals, creating new initiatives, and holding us accountable.

Recycle in all offices and compost where available.
Print only when necessary, default to double-sided print setting, and use recycled or compostable paper.
Donate or recycle all IT equipment in compliance with Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.
Keep office lighting on motion sensors and use LED bulbs when able.
Encourage employees to take public transit, share rides, and work on a hybrid schedule to reduce transportation emissions.
Use natural, organic, and sustainable cleaning supplies.

Our San Francisco office is Green Business Certified by the California Green Business Network Organization.

All of our Israel offices work according to the Green Urban Label for Business of the Tel Aviv Municipality.

Our Chicago office is Green Business Certified by the Illinois Green Business Association.

Proud of our supply chain

When choosing partners and vendors, we carefully evaluate not only the services they offer but also their commitment to the causes we care about. We work with suppliers that are minority-owned, small businesses, green certified, local, and who give back to the community.

Office supplies and team swag are eco-friendly, recycled, made of natural materials, sustainable, and/or organic.
Team lunches in London are ordered from CLUBZERO partners that provide reusable and recyclable packaging to reduce plastic pollution.
Recycling in our Israel offices is done by Social Green, an organization that provides recycling solutions while integrating people with disabilities and special needs into the labor market.
Signs for our office reception areas were made by the Birkat Reut association, which provides equal opportunities for populations with special needs.

Creating equal opportunity and celebrating diversity

To strengthen our commitment to diversity and foster equality in our society, the Skai Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council of employees ensures we are working globally and locally to evaluate, educate, and take action. Through the practices and programs outlined in our Global DEI Framework, we listen, learn, and find ways to be part of the solution.

We partner with women-owned and minority-owned consulting firms to support our DEI initiatives and recruiting.
Diversity Recruitment Training and Unconscious Bias Training are developed and co-facilitated by a woman/minority-owned consulting firm.
Harassment Prevention Training now places an even heavier emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
A refined hiring process ensures an even stronger pipeline of diverse talent.
In its second year, the Skai Summer Internship Program focuses on attracting underserved, diverse talent and provides students interested in working in tech with real-world experience.
A redesigned approach to internal company celebrations and external volunteering fosters a more inclusive workplace and ensures our ongoing positive impact externally.


Skai is currently 41% female, which is above the 33% industry average


At Skai, 55% of vice presidents and senior directors are female

Lending a helping hand locally and globally

Skai offices across the globe regularly coordinate employee volunteer days to give back to our local communities. By the end of 2022, we expect to complete 700 hours of giving back by volunteering, donating, and hosting events.

Volunteerism at Skai includes: cleaning up parks and beaches, building school supplies kits for low income students, assembling care packages for those experiencing homelessness, cooking healthy meals with at-risk youth, and much more.
Gifts and giveaways are purchased from charities and nonprofits.
Nonprofit partners include: Ronald McDonald House, KidsOut, I Can Be, HandsOn London, Girls Who Code, and an annual sponsorship with Paralympic athlete Moran Samuel.
Our annual client holiday gift program is a donation to a charity of their choosing.