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The Stable employs Skai’s Dayparting to limit branded keyword spend and lift ROI

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The Stable is a retail media agency that helps businesses optimize their digital advertising campaigns. One of its clients, Future Beauty Labs (FBL), is a cosmetic company that offers a range of beauty products on Amazon, including self-tanning, skincare, and beauty tools. FBL’s popular brands include Tan Luxe, Tanologist, and Isle of Paradise.

FBL wanted to decrease its total budget for branded keywords in its Amazon retail media campaigns while maintaining a steady revenue stream. The goal was to re-allocate the budget to more incremental campaigns, and reduce the amount of spend on branded keywords overall.


The Stable recommended Skai’s proprietary dayparting for FBL’s Amazon retail media campaigns for a couple weeks. They utilized dayparting along with the Intraday Schedule Report to help distribute the decreased budget throughout the day, so the budget lasted longer while maintaining an optimal ad presence.


The results of implementing dayparting for FBL’s Amazon retail media campaigns were impressive. The Stable was able to decrease the total cost by 37% ($16,000). ROI also increased 14.5% (from 6.70 to 7.67), which was a significant improvement.

Skai’s dayparting feature enabled The Stable to decrease CPCs by 5%, and the average time out of budget remained consistent over the period.

Implementing dayparting not only helped draw out the daily budget but also allowed for more non-brand targeting, which resulted in an overall increase in revenue for all campaigns.

  • Cost: $16K (down 37%)
  • ROI: 7.67 (up from 6.7)
  • CPCs: decreased by 5%

Skai’s dayparting feature, combined with The Stable’s expertise, helped Future Beauty Labs cut costs while maintaining its revenue stream. This demonstrates the value of using Skai’s dayparting feature to distribute ad spend more effectively, reduce costs, and increase ROI.

“Skai’s dayparting tool helped decrease our ad spend while maintaining revenue, resulting in an impressive ROI increase. We highly recommend it to anyone looking to optimize their Amazon retail media campaigns.”

About The Stable

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