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Intraday Bidding Gives Green Line Digital That TULA Glow

The Power of AI & Machine Learning

41 %
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The Pains of Digital Marketing

As an agency, you’re constantly faced with opposing goals given to you by your clients. Cut spending, increase revenue, setup faster, etc. etc. Doesn’t matter how many times you try to explain the carpenter’s triangle, your clients will always want it fast, good, and cheap. And agency people can’t help but do everything in their power to make it happen, since servicing our clients is what we do best. This is exactly what Green Line Digital, an agency that specializes in bringing the newest marketing technologies to their clients, strived to achieve for TULA, Green Line’s continually growing client in the competitive skincare retail market.

We Love It When A Plan Comes Together

When clients begin a new relationship with an agency, the bar is set pretty high to perform right out of the gate. So the pressure was on for Green Line to make a great impression. How were they to grow revenue for TULA while also lowering costs, especially now that the cost would also include their agency fees? The solution was to use Skai’s automated bidding solutions. With Skai, they could allow the platform to automatically bid on what keywords were most efficient and bid down on the keywords that were less efficient. Intraday bidding was going to be the best way to make this retail campaign break the rules of the carpenter’s triangle.  

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

Not only did Green Line Digital achieve the task of impressing their new client with their strategic brilliance, but they also exceeded their client’s expectations. They were able to decrease cost by 18% while growing conversions 11% and revenue by 15%! That’s not all! Overall, Green Line Digital improved TULA’s ROAS for Paid Search & Shopping by 41%!

Do You Have Marketing Automation FOMO?

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  • Increase revenue while decreasing cost


  • Skai Intraday Bidding


  • 41% increase in ROAS
  • 15% increase in Revenue
  • 11% increase in Conversion
  • 18% decrease in Cost

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“Enabling Skai’s Intraday Bidding has led to great results for both our Search & Shopping campaigns. Using the tool we were able to decrease cost & drive incremental revenue, resulting in improvements to our overall ROAS. Skai’s automated bidding capabilities have greatly helped us improve the efficiency of our accounts and further scale our Search & Shopping campaigns.”

Landon Perry, Paid Search Director — Green Line Digital