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Skai’s Profit Based Optimization For Publisher Automated Bidding

Performance Data

Bright saw an average profit lift of 168% after transitioning 7 campaigns from TROAS to Profit.


Bright is a performance based marketing agency specializing in digital advertising. For each client, they develop an optimisation model focused on maximising profit generated by digital campaigns, while taking into account the Customer Lifetime Value. In their model, they must ensure each unit of spend invested will bring at least one unit of profit (ROI margin >=1).

That said, the challenge for Bright was to find an efficient and reliable way to grow campaign profits for clients, while maintaining digital spend. They were spending a significant amount of time monitoring and updating Smart Bidding to match this objective.


Skai’s profit solution was exactly what Bright was looking for! It is a bid optimization strategy that maximizes the difference between revenue and cost by dynamically adjusting publisher bidding targets to achieve the most possible profit. This was key to Bright unleashing their clients’ campaigns full potential.


After implementing Profit on their clients’ Smart Bidding campaigns, Bright was able to not only save time through this automated solution, but also accomplish better results.

Bright saw an average profit lift of 168% after transitioning 7 campaigns from TROAS to Profit.


Bright is a marketing agency that specializes in digital media. They use a combination of cohort analysis, lifetime value calculation and marginal ROI optimization to define the profit curve of future investments with the aim of maximizing profitability for their clients. Based on business intelligence, data analysis and decades of experience, they have developed technological solutions to help businesses reach top performance results.

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“Skai’s Profit based optimisation for Smart Bidding allows us to get the best out of both worlds. We can use Google’s bid policies and take advantage of their capacity to deliver performance according to the real time signals of the targeted audience, while making sure each €/$/CHF invested will generate profit.

Romain Vega, PPC Director, Bright