• Improved Decisioning with Centralized Intelligence

    Marketers today have an abundance of “big data” but have limited insights to make that data actionable. As a result, marketers end up utilizing and deciphering only a fraction of the data at their disposal. Therefore limiting the potential of their campaign.

    Skai’s Insights Panel surfaces performance trends, forecasts, relevant products, and other actionable insights to empower brands and agencies to make more informed decisions that impact their marketing. Marketers can now have a clearer and more complete picture of their program and outliers impacting their program.
  • Relevant insights delivered straight to your dashboard

  • Alerts and notifications so that you can take timely action

  • Summary of what matters most and what’s good to know

Complementing the data you’re used to with the insights you’ve always needed

  • Identify key performance insights

    Insights Panel surfaces actionable insights that solve common challenges marketers face today. Whether it’s uncovering why certain ads are not performing well or alerting you of trends that may affect your campaigns, Skai’s Data Intelligence enables you to save time and make more informed decisions that lead to maximized performance. Marketers on Skai are now able to see a consolidated view of their insights and are able to take action on them, all within one single view.

  • Manage your alerts and notifications

    The new Insights Panel makes it easier for campaign managers to find and manage all of their alerts and notifications that have an impact on auctions trends, performance changes and events. Notifications regarding deprecated targeting, account changes, and more are easily in-view and in-reach within one centralized location.

  • View a summary of your recent actions

    Insights Panel makes it easier to know the current status of recent actions a user has taken. Within the Insights Panel, advertisers are able to view relevant actions and current changes occurring within their ad accounts. This way you are always informed of the status of any of your downloads, errors and more.

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