Amazon Prime Day 2024. Using Amazon Marketing Cloud for the Full-Funnel Event


Utilizing Amazon Marketing Cloud for Prime Day 2024 can significantly enhance your campaign performance. AMC provides detailed analytics and insights that help businesses strategically plan and execute their Prime Day strategies. Companies can optimize their marketing efforts at every stage of the funnel by analyzing past performance, setting clear objectives, and leveraging audience insights.

Amazon Prime Day is the largest shopping event outside the holidays, attracting millions of consumers seeking the best deals. For marketers, using the correct tools and techniques is vital for success. 

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) significantly optimizes Prime Day campaigns, offering insightful analytics and data capable of driving improved outcomes. Businesses can measure and improve their performance during Prime Day by adopting a strategic approach and applying suitable metrics and tools to optimize their chances of taking advantage of this momentous occasion.

In this, the fourth article in our Amazon Prime Day 2024 series, learn how to use Amazon Marketing Cloud at every event stage.

Read the Skai blog post: What is Amazon Marketing Cloud? for more foundational information about this powerful tool.

Getting ready with AMC for Prime Day

Any effective Prime Day campaign starts with strategic planning, where Amazon Marketing Cloud’s insights truly shine. Brands can examine their past 90 days of performance with AMC data to guide new planning. This retrospection enables marketers to hone their strategies by pointing out what has recently worked and what didn’t. Understanding historical data helps companies allocate their resources and budgets better, optimizing impact during the event.

Driving business before, during, and following Prime Day depends on a robust promotional calendar. Careful planning of these promotions helps to guarantee that every aspect of the event is addressed. Precise promotional schedules help businesses to keep momentum over the Prime Day period by ensuring a consistent flow of interaction and sales. This method enables accurate budget management and instantaneous changes as required.

Determining the exact criteria for success is imperative from the beginning. Whether it’s boosting sales, improving engagement, or raising brand visibility, businesses should clarify what success looks like for their Prime Day campaigns. Early establishment of these benchmarks using Amazon Marketing Cloud helps companies create campaigns around these objectives and precisely assess their performance. This foresight guarantees that all efforts are directed toward obtaining the desired results and helps to maximize resources.

Another indispensable element of preparing for Prime Day with AMC is audience insights. Using the platform’s features helps companies find high-value consumers and grasp their actions. This thorough research facilitates the development of focused campaigns appealing to the most pertinent client groups. The success of your marketing campaigns will be much improved if you know who your most involved consumers are and what influences their buying choices.

Customizing audiences based on past involvement and purchase behavior enables more individualized marketing plans. By targeting particular groups with customized messages, AMC helps companies finely segment their consumers. This personalization raises the conversion rate since consumers get materials more relevant to their interests and needs. Addressing their particular preferences also helps establish closer bonds with consumers.

AMC for strategic, full-funnel campaigns

After the research and planning are done, a complete Prime Day strategy focuses on a full-funnel approach. This entails aiming AMC at consumers at all phases of their purchasing process. For more information on why a full-funnel approach is so important, read the first post in this series, Amazon Prime Day 2024: The Full-Funnel Game Plan.

Brands looking for a top-of-the-funnel boost should concentrate on raising awareness with sponsored display ads, video ads, and audio ads. These ad forms are meant to grab the attention of a large audience and expose new consumers to your brand and goods. AMC is a fountain of knowledge to better understand how the different Amazon Ads types work at the top of the funnel. 

The middle-funnel stage aims to engage and teach consumers who already know your brand. For this reason, sponsored brand ads, Amazon Posts, and Amazon Live events are great tools. These forms give comprehensive details on your products, guiding possible consumers in making wise decisions. Engaging consumers at this point helps companies build interest and guide prospects toward a purchase. AMC can help you determine where and what to use to nurture prospects considering your product.

Driving conversions takes the front stage at the bottom of the funnel. For this to be especially effective, sponsored products, brands, and Amazon DSP display ads are used—these commercials, which show pivotal junctures in their shopping trip, target buy-ready consumers. Using highly relevant ads at this point helps businesses maximize sales during Prime Day and raise conversion chances. AMC is extremely focused on what drives conversions and grows your net-new customers. Its insights can be truly illuminating at this stage of the funnel.

Whatever funnel stage a customer is in when starting their Prime Day research, optimizing ad sequences depends on guiding consumers along their path. By allowing companies to arrange their ads carefully, AMC helps guarantee that consumers get the correct message at the right moment. This means tracking real-time data to make required changes, increasing the success of advertising campaigns. Effective management of ad sequencing will help brands improve the whole customer experience and produce better outcomes.

Prime Day cheat sheet: Ten winning best practices using AMC

Here are some of the tips listed in this article, as well as a few others in a quick glance “cheat sheet”:

  • Set clear goals. Define specific, measurable objectives for Prime Day campaigns using AMC’s detailed analytics, ensuring all efforts align with business targets.
  • Analyze past performance. Use AMC to review last year’s Prime Day data, providing insights into the successful strategies and areas for improvement.
  • Utilize lookalike audiences. Create lookalike audiences within AMC from high-value customer segments to expand reach while maintaining relevance, driving more effective marketing.
  • Segment custom audiences. Leverage AMC’s data to build custom audiences based on past engagement and purchase behavior, allowing for more precise targeting and higher conversion rates.
  • Leverage real-time data. Utilize AMC’s real-time insights to adjust bids and budgets dynamically during Prime Day, ensuring campaigns are optimized for peak performance.
  • Optimize ad sequencing. Use AMC to strategically sequence ads, more effectively guiding customers through their purchasing journey and improving overall conversion rates.
  • Employ cross-channel insights. Integrate data from multiple channels within AMC to get a comprehensive view of customer interactions, which enhances the overall marketing strategy.
  • Test multiple audiences. Use AMC to experiment with different audience segments, identify the most responsive groups, and improve targeting efficiency.
  • Monitor conversion paths. Use AMC’s path-to-conversion analysis to understand customer journeys, optimize touchpoints, and increase the likelihood of conversions.
  • Plan comprehensive campaigns. Develop a full-funnel strategy using AMC, covering top, mid, and bottom funnel activities to engage customers at every stage and drive more conversions.

How Skai helps boost the power of Amazon Marketing Cloud

Skai’s Retail Media solution provides full support for Prime Day campaigns. Our omnichannel platform guides companies in planning, running, and evaluating digital campaigns. The platform’s interaction with AMC improves Prime Day plans by offering a more thorough understanding and better campaign control. Skai’s tools streamline the AMC leveraging process, enabling companies of all kinds to use it with impact.

Skai’s AMC support is a no-code tool that quickly creates custom audiences and provides insights. This function benefits marketers who might have yet to gain technical knowledge but wish to utilize AMC’s capabilities fully. Just a few clicks allow users to rapidly create reports, examine data, and create custom audiences. This simplicity of use allows one to apply sophisticated ideas without excellent technical knowledge.

Advanced features, including automated models for path to conversion and customer lifetime value, help us better understand campaign performance. These models pinpoint important touchpoints and opportunities for optimization, enabling brands to grasp the customer journey fully. Using these sophisticated tools will help companies hone their plans and increase the general success of their Prime Day initiatives.

Benefits of using Skai and Amazon Marketing Cloud include:

  • Easy-to-read data: Skai automatically parses your AMC raw data into charts and tables, allowing you to gain insight and take action faster.
  • Tailored filtering: Layer your AMC data with campaign attributes to slice and dice the data to gain even more granular insights specific to campaigns.
  • Limitless custom reports: Scale your AMC reports with unlimited reports per brand, sub-brand, time window, and more.
  • Custom query support: Copy and paste any instructional query you’d like to run or talk with our Dev team to build a new custom query.

Starting with Skai, brands can use a simple integration approach. Skai provides thorough tools and support to enable companies to incorporate its ideas into their Prime Day plans. Companies can arrange demos by contacting Skai’s team and get tailored advice on maximizing the platform. This helps guarantee companies are ready to maximize their Prime Day campaigns and meet their objectives.

Amazon Marketing Cloud + Skai is the sophisticated retail media marketer’s ace up the sleeve

Maximizing success depends on using Amazon Marketing Cloud for a full-funnel Prime Day plan. Brands can significantly improve their Prime Day performance by using AMC to examine data, develop focused campaigns, maximize ad sequencing, and apply a strategic approach. 

Skai’s tools and observations help even more in supporting these initiatives by offering all-encompassing solutions that magnify AMC’s power. Combining AMC with Skai’s platform provides a potent approach for brands trying to maximize Prime Day. Starting your Prime Day approach with AMC and Skai now will help to guarantee a great event.

Skai’s Retail Media solution empowers marketers to plan, execute, and measure digital campaigns that meet consumers when and where they shop. As part of our omnichannel platform, we connect the walled gardens and manage campaigns on 100+ retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Instacart, alongside major publishers across paid search, paid social, and apps.

For more information, schedule a brief demo to see how our Amazon Ads support can help boost your Prime Day strategy using Amazon Marketing Cloud.