Agency Marketing Solutions

Harness the power of Skai to drive insights-driven strategy and the highest-performing media execution for the world’s top brands.

Maximizing profitability while delivering outstanding client results is a delicate balancing act. Skai partners with global agencies, independents and holding companies with tailored offerings that help you not only achieve great performance but connect cross-channel workflows, assess true incremental measurement and reveal meaningful market insights that provide strategic value to your brands.

Partnerships with the largest global agency network

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A baseline of excellence

  • Team and workflow efficiencies
  • Time saving campaign automation
  • Exceptional performance & ROI
  • Dedicated, flexible support models
  • Global coverage

…and value beyond

  • Cross-channel management & expertise
  • 100+ open ecosystem integrations
  • Independent & unbiased measurement
  • First-to-market innovations
  • Certified partner benefit programs
  • Consumer & marketing insights
  • One robust campaign management platform


Consumer & Market Insights

Gain insights from countless external data sources connected, classified and contextualized in one advanced analytics platform. Arm your clients with key information about upcoming trends, unmet consumer needs, patent and acquisition opportunities as well as key go-to-market strategies so they stay ahead of the competition.

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Campaign Activation

Automate, optimize and scale effective marketing across the most engaging digital channels and leading media worldwide.

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Data Intelligence

The publishers create a siloed environment, making it difficult to share data and understand what’s truly driving growth. Tap into Skai’s independent and publisher agnostic retail, category and competitive intelligence solutions to connect all the dots in one platform.

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Incrementality & Measurement

If your clients spend more, your agency increases revenue. Skai’s incrementality and measurement solutions help agencies to unlock key insights needed to measure the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns and grow future spend.

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Strategic Consulting

If you’re looking to provide value beyond campaign execution, or your clients have questions that go beyond your agency’s area of expertise, our strategic consulting team is on hand to provide varying levels of agency support.

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The broadest and deepest publisher data intelligence industry wide

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Solving Agency Challenges

Strategy & Planning

A technology partner you can count on
From Day One, our team will be on-hand to help drive agency success:
  • World-class onboarding to set you up with zero downtime to your program
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Support for new business pitches
  • Custom developments to help you win your next big client
  • Direct access to dedicated account teams and 24/7 support
  • Skai training and certification programs
Actionable Insights

Smarter, Faster Decisions
Get the reports you need in the touch of a button and derive actionable insights that inform strategic decision making:
  • Unified reporting across one or multiple channels
  • Insight-based recommendations built into your activation platform
  • External data & systems integrations that bring new visibility
  • Test and learn across channels
  • Open architecture and custom integrations

One Platform. Multiple Publishers.
Manage a cohesive, cross-channel program and maximize the value of every touchpoint across channels:
  • Unbiased cross publisher platform – spend where it makes sense for you
  • Consolidated reporting and analysis across channels
  • Target the same audiences across channels
  • Measure the impact of search and social on Amazon sales
  • Run incrementality tests across channels
  • Share of voice and competitive intelligence
Efficiency Gains

Time Saving Automation
Our streamlined workflow tools save time, reduce human errors and automate common tasks:
  • Holistically manage and report on multiple channels in one place
  • Mirror campaigns to new locales, test campaigns, and publishers in seconds
  • Workflow efficiency solutions make easy work of daily campaign management tasks
  • Time saving automation solutions to make mass changes to audiences, bids, budgets and creative
Drive Performance

Results your clients can count on
Algorithmically optimize bids and budgets to your clients KPIs and make the most of their marketing investments:
  • Publisher-agnostic – spend on the platforms that matter the most
  • Advanced optimization across Google Smart Bidding, Microsoft Auto Bidding and Facebook CBO
  • Optimize towards custom metrics and across campaign and ad groups
  • Budget pacing and forecasting tools
  • Access third-party audiences

A Proven Track Record
By the Numbers

Average agency growth rate per year when using Skai

Active agency accounts

years is our longest agency relationships

Agency customers using two or more solutions

“Skai’s Mirror and Keep in Sync campaign feature not only had a significant impact on beating revenue goals, but the time savings was critical.”

Sarah Gyson, Sr. Director, Client Services, Rakuten Marketing

“Skai truly serves as our ‘one-stop-shop’ for all learnings and optimizations. We knew it would be a time-saver, but were thrilled with the immediate impact on performance, too!”

Mark McCullen, Paid Search Manager, Wavemaker

“Skai’s level of insights and reporting allows us to focus more on strategic growth. Some of the features include automated actions, budget pacing, and bidding to ROAS, which are limited in other platforms.”


“We appreciate all you did to make this implementation as pain free as possible. You made our fear of transitioning a non-issue and we greatly appreciated your team walking us through the process step by step with the on-boarding doc. Thanks for providing BEST IN CLASS SERVICE!”

Connie Ross, Search Team Lead, Empower

“If Skai didn’t exist, it would be much harder for my team to drive the performance for our clients that is our biggest differentiator against other agencies. Other tools simply don’t have as good a bidding solution to start with – but once you start layering in margin and multi-channel, they cannot compete with Skai. If Skai existed and our competitors were on it but we weren’t, it would be much harder for us to be successful.”

Richard Brooks, Co-Founder & Director, Kinase

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