Omnichannel Retail
Own and elevate customer relationships, online and off

Your customer relationships are your most valuable asset—and customers don’t see channels. Growing and activating direct connections with your end customer requires a deep understanding of not only what they say and do but what they feel and want, wherever they consume your brand. Skai empowers brands to expand their customer base and maximize repeat business with omnichannel insights and marketing activation, driving both ecommerce and in-store growth.

All shoppable media—working for you.

Shopping ads across channels

Only Skai powers shoppable advertising inventory across search engines, social media, and app stores in a unified platform, with critical connections between them, so you can bring relevant audiences from awareness to research to purchase in one click.

  • Keep in lock step with your customer base wherever they’re browsing, with the interaction type that matches their mindset.
  • Take advantage of the highest-conversion ad formats that contribute directly to sales, on every media channel—Product Catalog Sales, Dynamic Product Ads, Smart Shopping, Product Listing Ads, Instant Experience, and more.

Creative intelligence and signal-driven personalization

Understanding why ad creative is working and when it fatigues is crucial strategic and planning intelligence. Put the power of AI to use for insights with a direct impact on creative performance.

  • Automatically surface ads underperforming, or predicted to stagnate, from fatigue so no budget goes to waste, and no crucial impressions are made in vain.
  • Monitor consumer sentiment in response to your creative so you can easily pause ads with negative sentiment and boost the ones that are best received.
  • Get down to the attribute level with visibility into which aspects of your creative are truly driving impact, including color, text, images, and more.

Expand your audience reach

The magic of DtC lies not only in your existing customer base but in finding new audiences eager for your products.

  • Seamlessly target paid search and paid social audiences on other channels to build a wider network.
  • Easily identify conversion-based lookalikes to find new potential customers based on your highest-expectation profiles.
  • Build new cohorts and deeper targeting with 3rd-party audience integrations, empowering you to activate 1,000+ new segments.

View product level performance, portfolio-wide

Knowing which products to promote and to whom is a challenge for many direct-to-consumer brands. Skai makes it easy.

  • Understand how all your channels are working together with Products Grid, a product-level view across the entire platform – all channels, all ad types, all campaigns — so you can easily identify and focus on what’s really generating ROI.
  • Leverage advanced analytics for market intelligence to trace consumer sentiment, conversations and innovation signals against specific product and category types to explain anomalies and identify white space opportunities.

Automate manual tasks and make time for strategy

Owning your customer relationships means investing in intelligence, not tedium. Clear space for strategic planning and insights-driven analysis by automating campaign actions when engaging audiences.

  • Employ responses when specified criteria are met with Automated Actions with set-it-and-forget-it peace of mind.
  • Base rules on various product-related criteria: product catalog, category, name, product set.

Optimize budgets towards your Truth North metrics

Take control of your media spend and predict the sweet spot between spend and ROI.

  • Budget Navigator will help you accurately predict your spend across channels to ensure you are driving growth and planning ahead for heavy shopping days to boost budgets around key promotion periods and seasonality.
  • Boost Budget Navigator with Signal Enhancement to optimize toward your true north conversion metrics.

Learn what works when it matters with Experiments
Leverage Skai’s standalone solution for live media experiments for customer insights and actionable takeaways in real time.

  • Gain insight into your campaigns, understand what’s driving ROI, and improve performance with A/B and pre-Post, and creative tests.
  • Experiment with various shopping ads, products or promotions to give you insight into what’s working and what’s not.

Take co-op budgets to new heights.
Expand the co-op marketing opportunities to more vendors with ease

  • Realize efficiencies at scale across forecasting, campaign creation, management, and reporting.
  • With Skai you can resolve logistical roadblocks like ad duplication and data integration.
  • We offer brands more transparency to increase relationship loyalty.

Make every channel a customer connection


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