Skai’s Director Strategic Accounts EMEA, Karl Knights, will be speaking on “New Media Traffic Acquisition Strategies” and the “Understanding the Future Customer Journey through Attribution” panels at a4u expo Europe in Amsterdam, July 2, 2013.

New Media Traffic Acquisition Strategies

Strategies surrounding traffic and customer acquisition have adapted over time to encompass new advertising mediums and popular platforms. As a site owner or brand, the desire to reach new audiences across these mediums has become more prominent – especially now that consumers are more technology-savvy than ever before; spending an increasing number of hours watching online video, playing mobile games, browsing the mobile web and using multiple devices.

But in today’s competitive e-commerce climate, what are the most successful and innovative ways of driving targeted traffic through new media? How do you ensure your media spend is reaching relevant consumers? What can you do to differentiate your acquisition strategy from the many others that are competing against you?

The panel of media experts, publishers and solutions as they discuss the ins and outs of clever traffic acquisition that’s complimentary to your ROI.

Understanding the Future Customer Journey through Attribution

Attribution adoption for marketing campaigns has grown considerably over recent years. At current day there is more pressure on performance-based employees to deal with issues like cross channel attribution, multiple touch-points, return-on-ad spend, new versus returning customers and tag management.

Many advertisers are today focusing on leveraging the entire customer journey instead of a single interaction, and the evolution of attribution over the coming year is one that encompasses many channels including the mix of cross, omni, multi, and agile, marketing.

The panel will share insight into how attribution has evolved within their companies and client base over the past 12 months, before focusing insight into how measurement and targeting of attribution models are being revised to encompass today’s agile consumer.

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