Omnichannel marketing for software and technology brands

Our solutions help you stand out from the competition, connect with consumers, and increase share of voice. With data and insights, omnichannel marketing execution, and accurate measurement, Skai can help you win the digital shelf.

Powering growth for the world’s leading technology companies

Reach your consumers on every channel

with best-in-class omnichannel marketing execution

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Acquire the most valuable customers

  • Reach the highest lifetime value customers
  • Target the most relevant segments
  • Maximize the profitable segments
  • Target audiences across channels using intent data
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Make data-driven decisions

  • Integrate external data sources
  • Enable decision-making based on data
  • Leverage historical performance insights
  • Accelerate A/B testing and experiments

Visibility and efficiency across programs

  • Make targeted changes and maximize efficiency
  • Manage complicated structures with control
  • Gain visibility across publishers and channels
  • Understand your customers’ paths-to-conversion

Hear from our clients in your industry

“During these uncertain times, having one centralised system to manage a large number of campaigns has been important. Both Skai’s technology and service helped us tremendously and allowed us to continue managing over 1,500 client campaigns both efficiently and effectively.”

– Adaya Florsheim, Head of Search and Social PPC, Zap Group

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