Winning on Amazon

Amazon Advertising presents a unique opportunity that very few truly understand. If you think it can simply be managed like any other marketing channel, you are completely missing the boat. Find out how you can take advantage of the full Amazon opportunity in this white paper.

Winning on Amazon
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Amazon Advertising Mastery is Needed Now More Than Ever

Amazon has been a gamechanger in so many ways and now it offers an online avenue for branded manufacturers to build a foundation for their digital future. But it’s not easy. It has different rules than any other ad channel—online or offline. 

As a leading Amazon API integrator with 600+ campaigns alongside 15 years as an enterprise-level paid search and social advertising platform, Skai is uniquely positioned to help marketers understand this unique and complex marketplace.

Unlike other marketing channels where missteps usually result in wasting the budget, with Amazon Advertising you could really hurt your business if not done correctly.

We’ve simplified the complexity of this opportunity into four key trending challenges that brands and advertisers face today in working with Amazon:

  1. Defining and aligning your organizational structure
  2. Aligning advertising strategy to the Amazon way of thinking
  3. Ensuring agile decision making
  4. Meeting profitability expectations
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