Unlock the Potential of Walled Gardens: Why Marketers Should Embrace Them

Nearly four out of five U.S. digital advertising dollars are spent with walled garden publishers such as Google, Meta, Amazon, and Apple.

To better understand how marketers consider and use walled garden advertising now and in the future, Skai surveyed 117 U.S. marketing professionals. Questions included current and future spending trends, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and considerations for strategic decision-making.

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Image of the report "Why walled gardens are a marketer's best bet"

Why walled gardens are a marketer’s best bet

Image of the report "Why walled gardens are a marketer's best bet"

What do marketers think about walled garden advertising?

80% of marketers reported in our survey that if they were given a new, incremental budget in a quarter, much or some of it would likely go to performance media publishers.

And at a time when CMO tenures are down, and pressure to drive business growth (not just vanity metrics) is at an all-time high, marketing expenditures have to be more and more accountable to outcomes.

In many instances, walled garden media is directly tied to sales, is highly measurable, and offers tremendous value across the entire marketing funnel.

What better media is there to be accountable with than within the walled gardens?

Walled gardens help marketers adapt to new privacy and tracking limitations.


“Ongoing data privacy disruptions and consumers’ accelerated adoption of digital channels are upending traditional ad placements. Digital marketing leaders should prepare by exploring how leading brands are adapting ad efforts within the walled gardens of YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook.”


Image of the report "Why walled gardens are a marketer's best bet"

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