Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts with Integrated Platforms

Are you struggling to navigate the increasingly complex and challenging world of marketing? With the push to omnichannel, the proliferation of digital channels, and the ongoing loss of signals due to cookie deprecation, marketers face numerous hurdles.

Today, marketers can build their ad tech stacks by either:

A) Cobbling together many point solutions or
B) Using a small group of consolidated platforms.

While individual point solutions promise a “best in class” approach, what many marketers fail to consider is the hidden costs that are associated with them. This white paper aims to explore the hidden costs of point solutions and make a case for why marketers should be working with platforms instead.

Discover the Hidden Costs of Point Solutions

Unlock the Power of Integrated Platforms

“Today’s marketers operate in a platform-based world, and the loss of the currency that our industry was built on—namely the third-party cookie—deepens the implications of this reality. For brands, it can be daunting to confront the need to turn a ship with the size and magnitude of their current tech stack investments, but the first pivot must begin now.”

– The Breakdown of Point Solutions in a Platform-Based World (

Don’t Fall Behind—Embrace Integrated Platforms

Download our complimentary white paper today and unlock the power of integrated platforms. Learn how to maximize your marketing efforts, optimize workflows, and stay ahead of the competition in the evolving digital landscape. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your marketing strategy—get your copy now!

This report will focus on the three most important disadvantages of point solutions—which include individual native publisher tools—and how they manifest in costs to your organization in money, time, and the opportunity costs lost associated with their drawbacks:

  • Workflow inefficiencies of point solutions
  • Lack of connectivity between the tools
  • No unified view of performance
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