Does any search marketer ever feel that he or she has the time to really do all of the deep analysis, testing, and performance optimization that is required for best-in-class SEM?

A streamlined paid search workflow is not a “nice to have.”  It’s a critical component to successful search advertising.

Download this new Skai Media Research paper to learn how technology-driven workflow solutions can help speed up the process of paid search management and drive true, bottom-line impact for brands—especially for the largest advertisers in the world.

You will learn:

  • Self-service advertising, such as SEM, has created a lot of new processes to manage
  • Paid search management is time-consuming with execution tasks generally leaving little time to properly optimize performance
  • Technology can help at every step of the SEM campaign management process including campaign creation, reporting, and optimization
  • A streamlined workflow opens up a marketing team’s creativity and to quickly explore moments of inspiration that can take your paid search program to the next level

Read the free white paper, When Does Time Cost You Money? Why SEM Workflow Matters Right Now.