Navigating the Retail Media Boom

The evolution of Retail Media advertising represents both a fantastic opportunity and a tremendous challenge of this growing channel. In this report, learn how a Connected Commerce approach will help your brand succeed in the highly competitive, next era of Retail Media.

Navigating the Retail Media Boom
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Retail Media is now a critical tactic for consumer goods brands. But the fact that the channel is growing so quickly is creating tough new challenges:

  • The pandemic has forever changed consumer shopping behavior by driving more retail purchases online 
  • As consumer goods brands rely more on online retailers, Retail Media advertising is growing rapidly
  • As Retail Media grows, it will bring in more investment & competition and will get harder to win
  • A new, more sophisticated approach to Retail Media is required 

Connected Commerce is a next-level strategy to help marketers succeed in the next era of Retail Media.

This fast-growing channel has attracted billions of marketing dollars and now almost every online retailer with a sizable audience already has, is currently exploring, or will soon have a Retail Media offering. <br><br>

One of the top issues for Retail Media marketers today is how to handle this complexity best and all of the new questions that pop up as they invest more into this new and growing channel. <br><br>

Read this report to learn why marketers need to connect their data & insights, activation workflows, and other digital advertising channels to succeed in this new, highly competitive landscape.

To succeed in the next era of Retail Media advertising, marketers need to connect their operations:

  • Connected Commerce Data & Insights. The only way to truly derive meaningful insights from data must be together so that the proper context of the information can be analyzed simultaneously. 
  • Connected Commerce Activation. With so many retailer partners— marketers must connect all of their Retail Media activation tasks into a single platform with individual retailer partners aggregated together to manage it holistically.
  • Connected Commerce Channels. Paid Search, Social Advertising, and Retail Media. These three channels already represent nearly 70% of all digital marketing spend and, when planned and managed together, enable a level of clarity and agility that opens up a world of possibilities for consumer goods brands. 
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