In a recent survey of practitioners on data-driven marketing, when asked about their most important data objectives, the top answer was “basing more decisions on data analysis”.

However, when asked about the biggest data challenges they face, the top answer was “being able to make more data-based decisions” with 81% of marketers saying that they “consider implementing data-driven marketing strategies somewhat to extremely complicated.”

How does your marketing organization make decisions? What data should be used for any given decision? How good is your team at making data-driven decisions?

Most marketers haven’t really been trained with these skills, yet they are expected to make data-driven decisions every day that can absolutely be the difference between success and failure. What could be more important to any brand than validating that their marketing decision-making process is top-notch?

In this paper, learn how leading companies are rethinking their decision-making process and how marketing experiments are becoming the new standard for data-driven marketing.