Full-Funnel Retail Digital Marketing

Retail marketers must master digital marketing’s three biggest channels to achieve their goals. Paid Search, Social, and Ecommerce Advertising offer massive scale to reach virtually every internet user, robust data to target consumers with the right message, and self-service management so practitioners can closely monitor and optimize their programs to drive sales. Find out how you can take your retail marketing to the next level in this whitepaper.

Full-Funnel Retail Digital Marketing

Search, Social, and Ecommerce now represent more than 70% of digital marketing budgets.

Almost everyone online uses search engines, is a social media user, and now buys products online. If you’re looking to take your marketing program to the next level, it makes sense to start there.

Being successful means that marketers must build relationships with customers to aid them in their purchase decisions with the right information at the right time. They must engage them at key inflection points across channels to reinforce their value, carefully shape their buying criteria, and leverage every signal possible to better understand what messaging is needed and at what time.

Most importantly, marketers must plan their programs knowing that their brand is no longer the center of their universe—it’s the consumer—and customer-led marketing is the only successful approach.

It’s no longer your sales path, it’s their buying journey.

In this report, learn:

  • Why marketers need to focus on Search, Social, and Ecommerce advertising as the key to digital success

  • How the new rule of marketing is to stop thinking of your sales path and focus on each customer’s individual buying journey

  • The strengths and weaknesses of each channel and why aggregating them into a single funnel is the best approach

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