San Francisco, CA (August 5, 2009) – Skai Inc. is excited to announce their latest game-changing feature – RealTime Campaigns. This new functionality links a company’s search marketing program with their e-commerce or inventory system. Connecting inventory and marketing increases advertising effectiveness through higher return on ad spend and greater relevancy. RealTime Campaigns automatically adjust campaign structures and elements including ad groups, keywords, and ads, to reflect real time realities. Skai is the first search engine marketing solution provider in the industry to offer this full featured enhanced functionality.

KENSHOO™ Search technology automates the building of massive search marketing campaigns using highly focused and relevant keywords that drive traffic directly to the value centers in conversion funnels. RealTime Campaign synchronizers automate the process of managing complex campaigns including millions of keywords, bids, ads and ad groups while retaining strategic control over these campaigns.

This new approach is in-line with Skai’s unique Quality Management™ approach to search engine marketing – a holistic approach that manages all aspects of SEM campaigns.  RealTime Campaigns increase value to both consumers and advertisers as demonstrated by dramatically improved quality score, consumer engagement and ROI.

Key benefits of RealTime Campaigns include:

  • RealTime Advertising –automatically update dynamic items like promotional text and prices in the advertisements to reflect the true status of inventory
  • Better budget allocation –automatically pause ads for items that are out of stock or unavailable
  • Larger Campaigns – because ads are directly connected to inventory, every item in-stock can be advertised easily. The average size for a RealTime campaign is 1.2 million keywords
  • More effective ads – allows for low cost ads of low volume items to help connect niche customers with niche products.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – Prevent  ads for out-of-stock and discontinued items
  • ROI Improvement – Increase of nearly 40% over regular campaigns

“Select customers have been using RealTime Campaigns with resounding success – on average they are seeing a 40% improvement in ROI. RealTime Campaigns is the pinnacle of online technology solving the issues faced by real world advertisers. We have connected the supply chain and marketing departments like never before to increase the success and effectiveness of our customers marketing programs.” Said Yoav Izhar-Prato, CEO of Skai.

“RealTime Campaigns have revolutionized our SEM campaign performance. We used to be overwhelmed with the amount of manual labor involved in constantly updating and maintaining ads of our inventory, and more often were unable to advertise all of it. Now, it’s simple to create relevant ads for our entire inventory and make sure we are only promoting in-stock items. This improves our effectiveness as marketers, and improves customer satisfaction and conversion. It’s a total game changer.” says Brian Wulfe,  Online Business Manager, Living Direct.

To learn more about this revolutionary technology please visit and download the datasheet.

About Skai
Skai ( is the provider of KENSHOO™ Search, the only 3rd generation end-to-end search marketing platform. Built utilizing the Quality Management™ approach, KENSHOO Search enables marketers to optimize every aspect of their campaigns to achieve maximum ROI. Skai’s automation and optimization technology is being used today by ad agencies and advertisers on five continents and in dozens of languages. Skai is backed by venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance.