If you want to know what the big narratives will be for a new year, just look back to the previous Q4 as it is generally a strong indicator of how the following year will unfold. What marketers learn about their campaign strategy during this period is telling, because it will likely be reflected in Q1 and beyond.

For years, Skai has published its Quarterly Trends Report (QTR) to help advertisers contextualize their efforts in a broader scope and better plan their next campaigns by comparing themselves against the aggregated trends. Our large and comprehensive set of data across a variety of advertiser verticals, marketing channels, and regions allows us to share an accurate view of the market.

The Skai QTR dataset consists of advertiser activity over the previous 15 consecutive months consisting of more than 500 billion impressions, 14 billion clicks and $6 billion (USD) in advertiser spending. This dataset spans Skai’s publisher partners such as Google, Bing, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and includes analyzed performance data taken from over 3,000 advertiser and agency accounts across 20 vertical industries and over 60 countries.