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There’s no paid media channel that better captures the intent of users. With the right technology platform, you can deliver what your audience is looking for, when they’re ready to engage or purchase. With a history of independence, innovation, and data security, Skai keeps your first-party data safe, so you can focus on results.

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POPULAR Skai capability

Search Term Analysis

Exclusive to Skai, STA simplifies, streamlines, and automates keyword management so teams can uncover inefficiencies faster and re-invest.
popular Skai capability

Budget Navigator

Budget Navigator automates budget pacing per custom constraints to find the sweet spot between ROI and spend.
popular Skai capability

Signal Enhancement

Signal Enhancement drives better performance by optimizing with the data that matters most to your business.
popular Skai capability


Experiments enable you to set up and run a pre/post test at scale, providing conclusive results faster.
popular Skai capability

Generative AI Headlines

This industry-first capability uses machine learning to save time, improve ad performance, and align ad copy with consumer intent.
Plus all the essentials
Algorithmic bidding
Bid management & optimization
Bulk actions
Campaign mirroring
Cross-publisher dashboards
Custom metrics
Dimensions & categories
Pacing Monitor
Publisher bidding enhancement
Rule-based automation
Smart Tags
Unified, customizable reports & dashboards
URL automation

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Leading brands and agencies trust Skai

“The integration of offline sales data into Skai gave us greater visibility into actual campaign success. As a result, our client saw improved efficiency and revenue from its non-branded search campaigns.”

Andrew Strocko
Founder, Strocko Consulting

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“Skai’s profit-based optimisation for Smart Bidding allows us to get the best of both worlds. We can use Google’s bid policies and take advantage of its capacity to deliver performance according to the real time signals.”

Romain Vega
PPC Director, Bright

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“The ability to use Skai’s Budget Navigator and optimization tools allowed us to efficiently manage our budget across many different categories and was instrumental in helping us achieve significant ROAS growth.”

Ashley Garrison
Search Marketing Lead, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media

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“We appreciate all you did to make this implementation as pain-free as possible. You made our fear of transitioning a non-issue, and we greatly appreciated your team walking us through the process step by step with the onboarding doc. Thanks for providing best-in-class service!”

Connie Ross
Search Team Lead, Empower

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