Dynamic Marketing Mix
Determine the impact of each media channel for your optimal mix

Cookieless, moment-of-truth marketing mix modeling based on incrementality

Dynamic Marketing Mix is a new, cutting-edge solution
for today’s marketing measurement challenges

Always-on Experiments

There is no truer measurement than a live test. Dynamic Marketing Mix gives you the effectiveness of a team of data scientists with the speed and agility of software. Our automated experiments are based on real-time data for timeliness and relevancy and illuminate the true incremental value of each channel in your overall mix.

Cookieless Measurement

As consumer privacy regulations and walled gardens make user-level tracking opaque, you need new ways to understand audience behavior and the interplay of your channel investments. Marketing Mix modeling doesn’t rely on cookies or any other user ID tracking methods, so it’s completely future-proof and can provide unbiased validation to the rest of your reporting and attribution methods.

Intelligent Budget Optimization

Make your marketing budget go farther by eliminating the guesswork when you turn to marketing media mix modeling as your True North for investment allocation. From predictive planning to entirely optimized budget pacing within and across channels, it’s the smartest approach with the highest ROI for today’s strategic marketer.

AI- and ML-Driven

Human error is responsible for a vast percentage of wasted marketing spend, broken attribution models and misreported results. Artificial intelligence and machine learning drive the algorithmic modeling behind Dynamic Marketing Mix, ensuring greater accuracy, at lower cost, and in far less time. Skai’s world-renowned team of engineers is at the forefront of AI-based development, regularly innovating for first-to-market, second-to-none mix modeling solutions.

Confident Decisions

In a time where digital media investments dominate, and in an era where the speed of consumer behavior is dizzying, no business can afford to “guesstimate” when it comes to budgeting. The true value of Dynamic Marketing Mix is the security to make more accurate predictive decisions with real-time flexibility so you can continue to adjust as you learn, without missing a beat. Plan smart and think agile with bird’s-eye view visibility into the impact of every marketing dollar and channel.

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