Omnichannel marketing for finance and fintech

In a heavily-regulated industry, it can be challenging to find meaningful ways to reach your target audience. Connect with consumers using data and insights, omnichannel marketing execution, and accurate measurement. See how Skai can elevate your digital marketing omnichannel solutions for financial services.

Reach your consumers on the channels that matter most

with best-in-class omnichannel marketing execution

Banking customers line up to use ATMs.

Acquire the most valuable customers

  • Reach the highest lifetime value customers
  • Target the most relevant segments
  • Maximize the profitable segments
  • Target audiences across channels using intent data
Businessman making data-driven decisions on his work tablet.

Make data-driven decisions

  • Integrate external data sources
  • Enable decision-making based on data
  • Leverage historical performance insights
businessperson sitting at a table with their laptop working on papers about housing projects.

Visibility and efficiency across programs

  • Make targeted changes and maximize efficiency
  • Manage complicated structures with control
  • Gain visibility across publishers and channels
  • Understand your customers’ paths-to-conversion

Hear from our clients in the financial services industry

“The main challenge for performance campaigns that have financial results is finding audiences that match the credit policies. The partnership between Serasa and Skai emerges as a huge opportunity to increase those campaigns, using high-value segmentations.”

Eduardo Macaroni Nardy, Marketing Performance Specialist

“Our primary objective is not to simply drive growth in front-end conversions on our clients’ accounts. We dive deeper into SEM conversion data to understand the quality of the conversions on the back end. Skai was instrumental in helping our team track important metrics and make sophisticated decisions that grew qualified registrations and revenue for Personal Capital.”

Ken Baker, President

Power your financial services marketing campaigns with Skai

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