Skai’s UK Leadership Team will be speaking at the Figaro Digital Summer Summit on Thursday, July 18, 2013. Karl Knights and Nick Blake will present Skai Search and Smartpath, whilst Nilan Peiris – VP Growth, will highlight how and Skai Portfolio Optimizer™ has significantly enhanced their marketing results.

The Figaro Digital Marketing Conference is a day-long event taking place at the RCP in London. Join 500 delegates and hear first-hand from the UK’s most successful brands, agencies and technology companies.

The conversion attribution revolution

The typical conversion funnel manifests itself in many different ways through traditional marketing, online marketing and search engine marketing. The key is being able to understand the interplay and fluidity between each phase. As seamless as the experience is to the customer, so too must it be for the marketer who tracks activity and uses data to optimise the experience. Karl and Nilan will highlight how today, we can utilise technology to better help us understand the path of our customers.

To schedule time with Karl or Nick please email