Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skai’s ramp-up and onboarding experience?

Onboarding varies depending on the size and complexity of your paid programs. Skai guarantees a dedicated onboarding team to provide a seamless migration with white-glove service and zero downtime for your programs. Click here to learn more about Skai Onboarding Services.

I want to know whether Skai will work with my existing systems. Which platforms and technologies do you integrate with?

Skai has over 100+ third-party partner integrations and we are constantly growing our network. Check out all of our integrations and partners on

Which media channels or publishers does Skai work with?

Skai works with the top publishers across Search, Social, and Retail Media advertising. You can find a full list of publishers we work with here

What’s Skai pricing model?

Skai’s pricing is based on a yearly licensing fee and percentage of ad spend. For more information regarding pricing, please complete this form.

Is Skai an agency?

Skai is primarily a self-serve technology platform with software-as-a-service offerings. We have an excellent onboarding team, dedicated client services and 24-hour support. If you don’t have an in-house program, we work with the top agencies and would be happy to connect you with one of our agency partners. 

Does Skai offer consulting or transitional services?

Skai does offer consulting and transitional or temporary services if you are down a teammate, looking to transition your paid programs in-house or just need an extra set of hands. If you want to learn more about our strategic consulting and transitional services, click here or contact us today.  

Are your customers primarily with agencies or direct advertisers?
  1. Skai’s business is a nearly even split between direct advertisers with in-house teams managing advertising and agencies—both independent and holding-company owned—that manage campaigns for them. With thousands of brands and billions of media dollars running on our platform, Skai is flexible and customizable to your business needs. whatever your organizational model, we have a configuration or partnership offering that works.
How often does Skai refresh data from the publishers?

Skai has API integrations into each of the publisher partners we work with. We stay closely connected to these publishers and stay up-to-date whenever our partners make any changes. 

Does Skai offer solutions outside of paid advertising?

Yes, the Skai offering has expanded to include both SaaS-based market intelligence products as well as testing and measurement solutions to complement your advertising programs. Examples include Signals Analytics, which Skai acquired in late 2020, and Impact Navigator, a media mix and incrementality measurement solution. Impact Navigator allows you to run always-on, cross-channel tests in order for you to better understand the sales impact of each advertising dollar. 

Does Skai store my data?

For all questions relating to privacy and data, please reference Skai’s privacy policy.

Where can I find more information about events Skai will be part of?

You can visit to see all events Skai will be hosting, sponsoring or participating in. This includes webinars and virtual events, hosted events and industry events. 

Is Skai cross-channel?

As the only platform of our scale and sophistication with industry-leading offerings in search marketing, social media advertising, and ecommerce/retail media, Skai is uniquely cross-channel. From this advantage, we are able to help marketers connect the dots between publishers and interpret the impact of customer interaction on one channel on another such as how search and social impact sales on Amazon.

Will my team get trained on how to use Skai? What if I have a question after onboarding?

As a Skai customer, you gain a dedicated onboarding team to provide you with world-class service with zero program downtime while you get started. Once you are set up on Skai, your dedicated account management team will answer any questions you may have. In addition, the highly-rated Skai Education team offers a wealth of ongoing resources, including individualized or on-demand training sessions as desired. 

Is support offered 24 hours?

Yes, Skai offers 24-hour support, 7 days a week. While we hope you don’t run into any issues, wherever you are in the world, the K24/7 team is always on call and available to help. 

How often does Skai innovate existing features and look to add new ones?

Skai releases new product updates every two weeks. We focus on new innovative features, updates to existing features, and ensure we are keeping up with publisher best practices.  We work closely with our publisher partners and gather feedback from our clients to ensure that we are providing a platform that gives marketers the tools they need to exceed their goals.


Is Skai a DSP?

Skai is not a DSP. We don’t support media exchanges for programmatic display.

Skai enables marketers to manage multiple media buying systems from a single platform—including Google Search Ads, Amazon Advertising, Facebook Advertising, and more.

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