Inspiring Dining: Media Leaders Roundtable

Thursday 29th February, Sexy Fish London 

6.00 – 9.30pm

About the event

Throughout 2024 Skai will host a series of executive roundtable dinners for media leaders to create open dialogue around the evolving digital landscape and key challenges they collectively face.

Join us on Thursday 29 February as we kick off the series at one of London’s hottest restaurants, Sexy Fish.


Topic for Discussion: Make Better Marketing Decisions in an Omnichannel World

Decision paralysis amongst marketing leaders is real—research indicates that 57% live in fear of making the wrong choices!

This apprehension is well-founded in today’s complex media landscape. More channels, publishers, ad types, tech partners, agencies and data sources make it harder than ever to connect the dots for effective and agile omnichannel decision making.


Time to Trust Your Decisions?

Join Skai, and a select group of your peers, as we discuss how to improve decision-making in an omnichannel world.

We’ll begin with some food-for-thought on the topic from highly-acclaimed author and human decision-making expert, Richard Shotton.

Then, Crissi Cupak, the mastermind behind Skai Decision Pro (an omnichannel decisioning tool made for media leaders), will share valuable insights on the challenges this new solution addresses and how it’s helping marketing leaders to overcome them.

We’ll end the evening with a delicious three-course dinner, networking discussion and some obligatory mock/cocktails!



Crissi Cupak
VP of Product, Skai
Richard Shotton
The Choice Factory